10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 187)

The goodness of God didn’t stop with your last breakthrough. The goodness of God didn’t end with your last blessing. The goodness of God didn’t leave you when you last failed. God’s goodness is always present. Enjoy the gift of His goodness!

You have made it this far. You are here for a reason and not just for a season. God is going to take you to the next level. Stay in faith. Don’t give up. God has many reasons for you to get through these tough seasons. The best is yet to come!

When you are faced with a storm, the size of the hurricane is not what matters. Your reaction to the storm is what makes a difference. React with God. React with your fortress and your shield. All God to calm the storm within so you can defeat the storm outside.

Don’t let your circumstances dictate what you can expect from God. Expect God to change your circumstances. God can intervene and turn your trials into triumphs!

Keep trusting the Lord no matter what. Things might be terrible for you now but the Lord has a plan to change your situation. Hang on to the living Hope. Hang on to Jesus. Change is coming!

On your rainy days, don’t give up on the sun. On your worst days, don’t give up on the Son of Man. Jesus will bring the sun back. The presence rain doesn’t mean the absence of the sun. Jesus might be behind the clouds but He is there with you!

The freedom that God’s truth brings is out of this world. It sets all records straight. It destroys mental strongholds. It clarifies all confusion and it gives you a new lease on life. Pray for the truth. Pray for freedom in Jesus’ name!

You can’t give to others what you don’t already have. You have love, peace, joy and other fruit of the Spirit because you have Jesus. Give all you have from God and change someone’s life!

Let Jesus be your answer to everything. Let love be your answer to everything. Let hope be your answer to everything. Let faith be your answer to everything. Let God give you the answers in everything!

The wait can be long but God is working on your situation. He is doing more than you think so don’t let your mind shut Him down and diminish His ability to do the impossible in your life. He is at work so rest easy!

Suggested reading: Job 42:2; Matthew 19:26; Romans 10:9


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