When you are going through a bad season

The season you are in now might be bad. It might be winter in the middle of summer. You might be having one of the most difficult seasons you have ever had. Those bad times do happen and there is nothing we can do to prevent them. Remember that they are meant to be there and they have no rhyme nor reason. What you should also remember is that your bad season doesn’t mean that you have a bad life and it doesn’t mean that the end of the season will be awful. God is with you and He is watching your faith in this season. He loves your faith. He loves seeing how steadfast you are even when things are not going well. I understand that you might not want to rejoice and to celebrate right now. It is hard to pull oneself together when life is pulling us in all directions and the only thing stable in our lives is our problems. God is stable. God is still stable now and He is going to get you through this season. Jesus said we would have trials in this life and He also said that He had conquered this life. Hold on to His promise.Starting today you are going to see an improvement in this bad season. Why? I am here to tell you that the Lord is going to change your rough winter into a cool summer day. He is going to reverse your situation and give you a new lease on life. Don’t give up. God is in this season with you.

I was praying the other day and I saw myself sitting on the ground outside in what looked like very cold weather. I had a blanket on me and I was sitting by the fire but it seemed like I needed more to keep warm. Then I saw a very friendly individual with a great smile on his face. He gave me soup in a bowl. I drank it without asking any questions and I got warm right away. The blanket and the fire were not enough. They helped but it’s the soup that made me warm and that made me forget how cold it was. I know that the Lord was showing me something I needed to see during that prayer meditation. Sometimes we need more layers or more ways to get warm again. The soup represented God’s nourishment. His nourishment is His Word. Once I got the Word in me, I became warm again. I had tried a blanket and a fire but it is the Word of God that defeated my cold moment. In tough seasons we often try a few things that work for a short period of time but the Word of God is the best remedy and our best resort.

There are words and passages in the Bible that can get you out of your bad season now. Words have power. They have the power to heal and to bless or the power to hurt and to curse. The words in the Word of God are healing words that will bless you more than you know. If you take a daily dose of the Word of God, healing takes place, restoration happens and blessings abound. The Word of God will give you a new perspective and a better outlook on life. It is the power of those words that will get you through that bad season. I suggest that you pray and ask the Lord to give you the words and the passages that are going to heal you and bless you so that you can come out victorious. This bad season is temporary. Keep trusting the Lord and let your faith demonstrate that you know your God can do anything. He can change this season and He will do that for you. Better days are coming. Don’t lose hope. Fill your mind with words of hope from the Bible and you will see how your faith soars. Your bad season will come to an end. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4; John 16:33; 1 Peter 5:7

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