Your daily opportunities

Every day we are faced with many opportunities. We have the opportunity to have faith or to have fear. We have the opportunity to stand strong or to fall. We have the opportunity to be positive or to whine and complain. We have the opportunity to take God at His Word or to doubt. We have the opportunity to declare victory or to call it quits. Every day we make choices and sometimes we make them without knowing. Friend, the choice is yours. What are you going to choose to do today? What opportunities are you going to take? Which side are you going to be on? There are two camps’ God’s camp and the enemy’s camp/ We side with the enemy more than we know. I talked about how destructive complaining can be a few weeks ago. It is evil and it is very negative and yet we complain because it oddly makes us feel good or we have this pressing need to vent. I want to seize every good opportunity I can every day. My daily opportunities can be very amazing if I make the right choices. Today I am inviting you to look at your daily opportunities and to choose God no matter what. Choose His positive opportunities and choose His path.

The path the enemy lays in front of us is paved with negative experiences and obstacles. We don’t have to fall in his trap.We can take a left turn when he wants us to turn right and fall. His traps are in our minds. His whispers are bitter and dangerous. He works on our thinking and he tries to influence us in a negative way. His dose of overthinking is often how he gets to us. We listen and we follow his lead without thinking twice and before we know it, we have made the wrong choice. What we think about a lot we eventually talk about and then we act on it. Let’s take the opportunity to put the enemy back in his place by following the Lord. Every time the enemy comes at us with his negative discourse, we can talk to him about how great our Lord is and how much He loves us. The enemy hates God’s love and he doesn’t want believers to find refuge in God’s love. Let’s choose to focus on God’s love. We have the amazing opportunity to zero in on God’s love and to walk in the power of His precious love. One of the most powerful opportunities we can take every day is the opportunity to glorify the Lord’s love in our lives and to be confident that His love never fails.

An opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. We can create our own opportunities every day. We can cause great things to happen every day. Those circumstances can come about if we keep a positive attitude and when we react to life with faith. We can speak blessings into our lives. We can pray wonderful things into our lives. We can make things happen in people’s lives when we choose to be intercessors in Jesus’ name. Those interceding opportunities are life-changing. We can stand in the gap and pray for others to have breakthroughs and to be delivered from whatever is tormenting them. The praying opportunities we generate on our knees are moments that make huge differences in other people’s lives and in our lives. Let’s produce great opportunities to see people saved and to see the kingdom of God advanced. We can be the mouthpiece of God any time. We can give testimonies and lift up the name of Jesus many times throughout the day. My prayer is that we seize the opportunities to praise the Lord with what we do and to spread love all the time. Love is the daily opportunity that deserves our attention. Let’s be mindful of the positive opportunities we have every day. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 4:27; James 4:7


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