Making the most of today with God

Times flies! When I think about things that happened five years, it seems like a long time ago but at the same time it seems like yesterday I was traveling around Europe with my friends from church. In 2016 we visited a few European countries and we had the best time. Has it really been 5 years? 5 years is nothing in the large scheme of things. Time flies and we ought to fly with it. What I mean is that we need to appreciate the time we have but we should also be active and get things moving. I am all about being patient and staying in the moment. It is crucial. However, I also believe that we need to act now when it comes to a few elements of our lives.

We can stay in the present and do a lot of praying now. We can enjoy today and develop spiritual habits today. Some of us have a tendency to wait for tomorrow to start moving and to start being more engaged with the Lord. God is here today. His blessings are here today. His Word is relevant today. Prayers are important today. Praise is for today. Worship is a habit we should have today. Let’s not wait until tomorrow to interact with God in meaningful ways. Let’s not use staying in the moment we am excuse to not do what God calls us to do.

I used to think that I had plenty of time to change my ways and to be more connected with God. I used to make a plan to be more intimate with God but the plan stayed in my head and it never landed anywhere. God is in the past, the present and the future but we can’t rely on a relationship with God that will take place in the future without giving it a go today. Staying in the present also means staying in communion with God now. All the plans that we have to be more involves with God should be executed today.

The prayers we think of saying. The praise sessions we want to hold. All these wonderful things are only effective if we put them into action. We have amazing opportunities today to be with God. If we keep on postponing our time with God, time will fly and we will be left stranded on the platform of life waiting for something to get us moving. We could wait forever. The stimulus shouldn’t come from outside. It is in us. You and I have the power to get stirred up for God. It lies in us and we can tap into it.

Today I want to encourage to get going and to interact with God. Don’t wait for a better time to do it. The best time to get connected is now. Don’t wait for a better place to be. The best place is where you are now because God is with you everywhere. I had plans 5 years ago to build a stronger relationship with God. Although it is stronger, I have to admit that I took a few breaks from building what I had planned. Those breaks were not constructive. I am done lingering and waiting for better opportunities.

The Lord has given me great reasons to be more active in my faith and I am visiting every single reason now knowing that I will thank myself later for taking the steps to having a more active faith. I pray today. I pray every day anywhere I am and it has been phenomenal. I touch the heart of the Lord with my praise whenever I can and it has been invigorating. I love interacting with the Lord and my prayer is that you are actively engaged with Him today. Tomorrow will be here before you know it so make the most of today with God. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 13:5; Ephesians 5:15-16; James 4:14


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