10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 184)

God never takes a break. He never takes a break from loving you, from watching over you and from talking to you. Don’t take a break from trusting Him!

Before you know it, things are going to get better. God is working on your situation. Keep praying. It’s never in vain. God is the God of good changes. Stay in faith!

When God says you go from glory to glory, He means that things will get better and better. You are not going to stay where you are forever. God’s glory is after you and it will bring great changes. Stay encouraged!

God says you are terrific so don’t be terrified when the enemy says you are terrible. God knows best. The enemy is a liar. You are wonderfully and fearfully made!

Keep praising God. Praise your way out of worry and pain. God is on your side. He always shows up in the praises of His people. Praise relentlessly and your worries will go rapidly!

You can rely on people’s experiences and testimonies or you can define your own experiences. Define them through Jesus. Let Him be your daily experience.

God loves you so much that He gave His only Son so you could have life through Him. Enjoy your life in Christ. Enjoy His permanent love and His goodness that lasts forever. You are loved more than you know!

Your God is the God of the next level. He can do increasingly more than you expect. In Jesus’ name miracles can happen, chains can be broken and hope can be restored. Have faith in the God of miracles. Stay encouraged!

Your tears are a plea for help and a prayer to the Heavens. God hears your tears and He sees your pain. Don’t give up. God will show up and show you the way to freedom. Keep praying! Stay in faith!

Don’t lose hope. Hope is alive. Hope is the reason why you will make it. Jesus is the hope you need today. Keep turning to Him. He is the hope that saves the day. Stay strong!

Suggested reading: Psalm 30:5; Psalm 62:5; Romans 5:5


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