Standing on God’s promises

I love reading the promises of God. I highlighted a number of them in one of my Bibles and I go back to them often. Here is something I suggest you do. Take one of God’s promises and spend time meditating on it. Start by thanking God for that promise. Have a Jesus celebration. Go all out and lift Him up because He is so good and because He keeps His promises. Then make that promise yours. Declare that it is relevant to you and that God wants you to have what He promised. Speak that promise over your life. Pray it into your life at first if that helps and then adopt it and stand on that promise. You can do that a few days in row with new promises. Be sure that when you add new promises to your faith portfolio, you keep going over the promises from before. As you build your faith portfolio, you have a number of great promises to stand on and you will be following the Lord’s lead. He wants you to trust His promises and He wants you to keep standing on what He promised no matter what.

When you stand on God’s promises, the enemy will try to topple you and to make you fall. He will do his best and he will relentlessly aim at you. You are already a target because you love Jesus but now that you are standing on God’s promises, you are even more of a danger to the enemy. You see, believers that stand on God’s Word and apply the Word are trouble. The enemy sees them as trouble because they are walking in the truth of the Lord and His truth will set them free. The devil hates freedom and he doesn’t want you and me to be enlightened and to be free. Keep standing on the promises. You will be shaken but the Lord will help you. Don’t change your daily declaration of the promises in your life when things go wrong. Things will go wrong but the Lord knows how to right all wrongs. You are going to make it beautifully and you are going to see the promises come to pass.

The Lord tells us to be fervent in prayer and strong in faith. Keep praying to be strong in your faith. Keep praying the promises of the Lord into your life. You can do that by affirming that the promises are a part of your life in Christ and nothing can stop the Lord from fulfilling the promises. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God will bless you and He will assist you. He has an army of angels to protect you and His mercy and grace will get the job done. Stay strong in your faith. The Lord loves seeing how you trust Him even when life gives you reasons to doubt Him. Keep standing on the promises. They come from the Word of God so they are reliable and they are for you. You are not standing there alone. God backs up His Word and He never leaves you nor forsakes you. Remember that you are standing with Him by your side. Your faith is powerful. There is power behind every word of faith that you say regarding God’s promises. God is going to do the things He said He would do for you so stand and count on Him to catch you if you fall. God’s promises are going to unfold in your life in a great way. Trust Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Genesis 17:1; Psalm 16:11; Ephesians 2:8-9


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