God’s circle of friends

Jesus is more than a legend. He is the ultimate deliverer and Savior and yet He is very accessible. You and I can access Him every day of the week. He is not just a Sunday morning encounter. He is an every day relationship. The Savior of the universe is with us all the time. His Spirit makes Him known to us and shows us that Jesus is King all the time and we are part of His circle. We are part of His family but I love the idea of a circle. A good circle of friends is a group of people of the same mind and who have a lot in common. See yourself as being an active member of the circle of friends of the Lord. Abraham was called a friend of God. I find that amazing and beautiful. David knew God so well that He could call Him a friend. We have the same type of relationship with God. It is actually amplified  because Jesus came and bridged the gap between the Father and us.

Dear friend, God, your friend is always rejoicing over you and He wants you to be a vibrant and active participant in His circle. How can you do that? First you have to see Him as the Father He is and as the Savior He is. Get to know Him better through His Word and know in your heart of hearts that you belong in His circle. God wants you there and you are more than welcome in His circle. He created the circle for you and me. He sent His Spirit so that the circle would be complete. The Holy Spirit holds hands with us and with the Lord so we have this strong and precious connection. You are not a foreigner to the Lord. You are a close friend, a child, a beloved member of His circle. Today I want you to explore the circle of friends of the Lord and learn how you can be actively involved.

There is often a leader in a circle of friends. In the circle I am talking about, Jesus is the head. He is the leader and the One we should always look up to. He is the King of kings whose humble demeanor makes Him reachable. He is God but He is humble enough to come to our level. I have visited churches where they had special seats in the front for V.I.P guests. I often thought that if Jesus were to visit those churches, He would sit in the back with the people that no one looks at and that people don’t take the time to get to know. He is with the broken hearted and with the lonely ones. In His circle, everyone is welcome and everyone is the same in His eyes.

In God’s circle, there is no hierarchy and no social ladder to be climbed. His circle is fair and it is caring. Jesus will never ever reject anyone. You might need to hear that for yourself. Remember that you are always welcome by Jesus and He will never reject you. You might have missed it many times and you feel like you don’t deserve to be close to God. Don’t let the enemy talk you into isolating yourself from God. He wants nothing else but to divide and separate. Be part of the circle. Know that you are entitled to being in that circle and give the Holy Spirit a chance to show you how much Jesus loves and how much He wants you there.

The circle of the Lord is the best circle of friends that there is. There are not only people, anyone is invited like I said, but there are also great spiritual friends. In His circle, you will find love, peace, joy, patience, long-suffering, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. They are all in the circle with you and the Lord encourages you to be friends with them and to have them become a part of who you are. Those spiritual friends are meant to become one with you. The circle makes you more like Jesus if you are active in it. An active member of that circle is someone who makes it a priority to know Jesus and to embrace all parts of the circle. Love, peace, joy and all the parts of the circle are traits the person pursues and focuses on.

You are in a great circle, friend. Make the most of it. Let the Lord lead you and demonstrate what you should be doing every day. Take His Word and combine it with the presence of the Holy Spirit and you will have a strong connection with the Savior of the world. Rejoice in that circle. Jesus is always smiling at you and He is always enjoying your company. Think about that. God loves you so much that He enjoys you all the time even when you hate yourself. Stay in the circle of the Lord and you will gain a wonderful perspective and you will share His mind. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:20; Colossians 3:12-14; James 2:23


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