Put on the shoes of peace

For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.”* This verse encourages us to wear the gospel of the Lord because it gives us peace. The Gospel is a pair of shoes. Those shoes symbolize peace. We can wear the shoes of peace every day. We can adhere to the Gospel and experience its peace every single day. Friend, be sure to wear the shoes of peace before you step out of your house. Start the day with the Gospel. God is His Word so you are invited to start your day with God. Before you do anything else, interact with God. Before you get involved in the affairs of life, get involved with God. Before anxiety and angst get ahold of you, let the peace of the Lord overtake you. The shoes of peace are so vital. They help us walk through the valley of the shadow of days and through the lands of misery. You and I will always have to face the lands of misery and despair but we can walk with confidence because the shoes of peace keep us anchored in the truth that always sets us free. Peace that surpasses all understanding is a fruit of the Spirit. It is a gift from God and it should be embraced and accepted. It is easy to put on just like a pair of shoes. The shoes of peace are part of the armor of God. You wouldn’t go to war without shoes on. You shouldn’t go to war without peace. You shouldn’t go out in the world without a good pair of shoes. The peace of the Lord can be your base and your foundation. Walk with peace and you will walk in victory. Walk in peace and trust that God is still God today!

When I was in college, some of my friends walked barefoot everywhere. We had a common lounge and those guys didn’t bother to put on shoes. I am used to wearing shoes or slippers everywhere so seeing them without shoes was a bit odd for me. Most of the time they were fine but there were the occasional times when they would step onto something that hurt them or that made them bleed. When we venture in the world without the shoes of peace, we can hurt ourselves and step on things that can steal our peace. I like a good pair of shoes and I take care of my shoes. It’s important that we take care of the peace of the Lord and that we love it. His peace can get us anywhere and it can bless us anywhere. Wouldn’t you want to have peace all the time? Peace is what we always need because the Lord is always in peace. He can work in our lives from the platform of peace but if we are confused and in a chaotic state, He can’t do much for us. It doesn’t mean that He is powerless but we won’t be able to access Him when we don’t have peace. Peace keeps us close to God and close to His peace. Take off the shoes of peace and you will notice that your head is not thinking straight and fear can slip in easily.

Peace reminds us that we dwell in safety in the hands of the Lord. Peace tells us that God is in control and we have nothing to worry about. When we are in sync with peace, we can do anything. We are not afraid to walk and we go places. The shoes of peace are a guarantee that we are protected, shielded and we are constantly surrounded by the Lord. Think about the function of shoes. Shoes are meant to cover our feet and to support our bodies. Peace will cover you and it will support you. Walk in the shoes of peace in faith. Trust that what the Lord promised He will deliver. When you start the day by putting on the shoes of peace, peace will abound. That morning start in the Word of God will do wonders for you. That is how you put on the shoes of peace. You spend time in the Word early and you pray. Prayer and Bible time will fasten those great shoes on you and you will experience peace throughout the day. Have prayer time and Bible time as the foundation of your day and peace will visit you all day long. God’s peace will strengthen you and it will carry you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:8; John 14:27;  Ephesians 6:15*


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