It’s never too late with God

Every time I read the story of Lazarus, I am amazed. I am amazed at God’s goodness and love. I am amazed at His compassion and at His power. I am amazed at how moved He is and how He brings peace like no one else. Lazarus was dead. According to human principles and laws of nature, he was dead. When Jesus got to Judea where Lazarus was, his family was crying saying that Jesus had arrived too late. Jesus was touched and moved but He did not agree with them. He didn’t agree with the world and its laws. The world knew death in this situation and Jesus saw a miracle waiting to happen. Jesus wept. He loved Lazarus and His sisters. He felt for them and He displayed a very compassionate side that surprised me the first time I read about it. God does care about everyone. He joined them in their sadness but He didn’t cry because this was the end of the story. He displayed empathy and compassion for all mankind in that instance. Jesus had a different ending for Lazarus and He didn’t let death stop Him from writing the story of his life. Lazarus had been dead for four days. Four days! Anyone would think that it was the end and nothing could be done. Anyone could think that it was too late, that Jesus had arrived too late. I can only imagine the disappointment in Lazarus’ sisters and the confusion. Jesus had a different point of view. His perspective and His vision of things defied all understanding and challenged the world. It is never too late with God and Jesus demonstrated that God had the final say. 

Lazarus died of sickness and after four days you can expect his body to be decomposed. Jesus said that this sickness would not end in death. God was going to get the glory out of this desperate situation. Nothing could stop Jesus and He had so much faith that He didn’t go and see Lazarus for another two days. He had heard that he was sick but He didn’t rush to go visit him. That says a lot. It shows that He thinks in a way that is not the world’s way. The world would say “Hurry up. He is dying.” Jesus said “He will not die.” By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead like I said before. Three key elements took place. First Jesus said he was going to wake up Lazarus from his sleep. This key element points out that the Lord had a very different interpretation of the event. We see death and He sees opportunities or a different scenario. The second element was His compassion. Love moved Him. Love led Him to act and to do the impossible. It is the power of love that can change dead situations into miracles. The third element was Jesus commanding Lazarus to wake up. That miracle was a validation that He was God. Lazarus woke up and everyone was amazed and couldn’t believe it. 

When you think that it is too late, think about what Jesus did in the story of Lazarus. Think of the three key elements. First look at the situation through God’s eyes. Pray that He shares His interpretation of the situation. Secondly believe in the power of love and trust that God is moved by your situation. Trust that He is on your side and that He is going to do something for you. Last but not least, know that nothing can stop Jesus and if it takes a miracle to reverse your situation, God can perform it. He will command your blessings to wake up and He will get you out of that tomb of despair and sorrow. He is not getting there too late. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. It might seem too late in the natural world but with God nothing is ever too late. Meditate on that truth. Thank Him for the impossible. Trust that things are going to come back to life. Hope is alive and well and Jesus will show you that it is the truth. Stay in faith. Don’t get discouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Luke 5:1-11; John 2:1-11; John 11:1-44


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