Not today and not tomorrow

I have a very active imagination just like anyone else. My mind can go to places that don’t make sense. I can create strange realities that are far from the truth. The enemy takes one thought, puts it into our heads and lets us build lies that tear us apart. He does that to control us and to intimidate us. We can see the present as the worst time in our lives if we give in to his lies. We can predict a miserable future if we let his lies take root in our minds. The mind is a battlefield and as long as we are here on earth, it will be a battleground that we will have to deal with. We can’t be passive thinkers. We can’t be listeners of lies. We can’t be tossed around by lies. Overthinking is a weapon used by the enemy that depletes us of our faith. It gnaws at our beliefs and it makes holes in the blanket of hope that the Lord gives us when we accept Him as our Savior. The enemy is after our thoughts because he knows that they can build us up or destroy us and they can alienate us from God. What can we do to win this battle? We have to remember that the battle doesn’t ever end but we have an ally that makes us win. The Holy Spirit is the best ally in the battle of the mind. He points us in the right direction and He gives us the ammunition we need to be more than conquerors. We can take a stand and tell the enemy “Not today and not tomorrow.” We are not going to succumb to his lies today and not tomorrow.

Staying in the present is a very powerful practice because it gives us access to the goodness of God. There is a lot of good around us and in us. God has put blessings in our lives that we can’t recognize when we can’t stay in the present. God is with us right now in the present and when our minds run a thousand miles an hour, we can easily miss God and end up in obscure places where there is no hope. God is hope and hope is right here, right now. It is not coming tomorrow. It is not just part of the past. Hope is here to stay. Staying in the present and focusing on the Lord is a great way to stay in faith and to stay with hope. Why would we want to move away from hope? We do it all the time without knowing it. Do you ever take the time to look at your life and observe what is going on now? Do you take the time to count your blessings and to appreciate the love of God today? I believe that if we took a moment to marvel at the Lord and to exalt Him now, we would see the beauty that’s in our lives and how blessed we are. God said He would never leave us nor forsake. That is true for now. He won’t leave us now and He won’t leave us tomorrow.

Doubt and fear often project a sad future. When we think about what’s to come and we believe that we will have to fend for ourselves, the future doesn’t look too bright. When we meditate on the fact that we don’t know what the future holds, we can be very miserable. God holds the future and He knows what He is going to do in the future and He doesn’t want us to worry about it one bit. With the Lord, our future is bright and we shouldn’t make it dark by having negative thoughts about things we have no control over. What can we do about tomorrow? We can trust God about tomorrow and stay in peace today. We can praise and celebrate the Lord today because He has our future in His hand. When the enemy dumps bad thoughts in our minds, we should tell him “Don’t touch my tomorrow. It belongs to the Lord and He has a great plan for it.” Don’t let your thoughts get the best of the future that is meant to be a blessing to you. Your thoughts are powerful so be sure they stay positive. Today is not going to be bad. Tomorrow is not going to be bad. Bad things may happen today and tomorrow but the Lord is with you and He will make all things better. Stay encouraged. You are with the best of the best. Jesus Christ is the best of the best and He always gives good things. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:34; John 14:27; Hebrews 10:23

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