Waiting on the Lord

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27:14) Being patient and waiting on the Lord is something I have been working on for a while. Even though I have made progress, I can still see that I have long ways to go. Patient is a great virtue and it is part of the fruit of the Spirit. I need to focus on the whole fruit and not just on the peel or on the seeds. The Spirit plants great seeds of His traits in us and those seeds need to watered. Looking at the seeds and being content with the seeds is not enough. It is like planting seeds in a garden and not touching it, not watering it and expecting that good things will happen. The rain will come and help but we have to be active and do our parts. We can’t rely on outside sources to make things grow. We can’t rely on outside sources to help us grow in the fruit of the Spirit. There are sources on the outside that will always assist us but we are encouraged to do the work within. Love, joy, peace and patience among other fruits, come from the Spirit but we have to be in sync with Him and be actively nurturing the fruit. The Bible talks about being doers of the Word and we should also be “doers of the Spirit” so to speak. We ought to do what the Spirit is motivating us to do. We should walk in love, tap into His joy, receive His peace and cultivate patience. Patience is key and the lack of patience can hinder our spiritual walk with the Lord.

Have you been waiting for the Lord to do something in your life? Have you been waiting for a breakthrough or for a miracle? I understand that the waiting is probably the hardest part. It can be excruciating and painful but it doesn’t have to be. When David wrote about waiting for the Lord, he described something that all Christians can do. He is not referring to an impossible task. God has given us patience. Sometimes it is an overt part of us and sometimes we have to retrieve it deep down in our spirits but it is there, available for the taking. We can take steps toward having more patience and the number one step that has worked for me was exercising more patience. We can become better at it when we practice it. Find something to pray about and wait on the Lord. Wait for Him to direct you and wait for the answer but you should also wait on the Lord. It is a very powerful routine. Just spend time in prayer waiting patiently before God. Don’t say anything. Stay quietly in front of Him and let Him do all the talking. It took me time to get to that point but I wait on the Lord a lot now. I just stay quiet in prayer and focus on Him. If the grocery list starts crossing my mind, I remind myself that I am here for Jesus. I just say “Thank You Lord for being so good.” I just bring my focus back to Him by talking to Him.

In Psalm 27, David talks about crying out to God and asking Him for help. He also talks about dwelling in the house of the Lord all of his days. When I wait on the Lord, His house doesn’t seem far at all. When I wait on the Lord, I have more faith in Him and I know He is hearing my cry. When I wait on the Lord, I have all I need. It is me and Jesus and the world around doesn’t mean a thing. When I wait on the Lord, I receive more peace and more patience. When I wait on the Lord, I am where I should be and nothing else matters. When I wait on the Lord, I wait for victory and I know I am on the right path. When I wait on the Lord, He shows His face, He shows His love. I am never waiting in vain and that is what I am teaching my heart. David was confident that he would see the goodness of the Lord and that justified the waiting. Friend, wait on the Lord and wait for the Lord. Waiting patiently before Him as you meditate on His goodness. Wait for Him to answer your prayers. Just like David, declare that you will see God’s love manifested. The answers to your prayers might take a while but celebrate the Lord while you are waiting and enjoy every moment. Hold on to patience and live your life. See the great things the Lord has put in your life and expect blessings and breakthroughs. It will happen for you. Be patient and be expectant. Wait on the Lord and you will receive much more than you can imagine! May God bless you and protect you and remember that His will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 27; Isaiah 40:31; Colossians 1:11

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