You will not be shaken

“I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8). In this song to the Lord, David talks about how protected He is and how there is no reason to fear and to be shaken. I love reading those encouraging psalms especially because David was very close to God. He knew the heart of the Lord and He knew that God would never leave Him nor forsake Him. We can have the same assurance. God is as close to us as He was to David. It is up to us to bridge the gap of that connection and get closer to Him. Just like David, we can say that the Lord is at our right hand and we shall not be shaken. What gives us reasons to be shaken? Life! There are so many things happening in our lives that can cause us to be shaken and to be afraid. We don’t even have to leave our houses to feel frightened. We just have to spend time with our heads and we can create horror movies that haunt us and that keep us from sleeping. There seems to always be something projected on the screen of our minds. When we declare that Jesus is with us and that He is our protector, those “mind pictures” tend to be positive. God can keep us safe because He is our refuge. His love and His shield around us keep in His joyful place. A place where nightmares are not allowed and fear and doubts have been banished. It is the happy place of the Lord that can be built on the inside. It takes root in our spirits and brick by brick it turns into a strong tower and an amazing dwelling place. When the storms are raging, we are not shaken. We know without a doubt that we are surrounded by God almighty and no one can harm us. Today I want to encourage you to stay close to God and to make Him your refuge and your fortress. When you do, you will not be shaken by anything.

What are some of the things that keep you up at night or that scare you? What are some of the situations that make you sick because you don’t think they will ever end? All of those negative situations and all of those dreadful thoughts have the power to keep you in a place of fear. They can keep you from moving forward and from standing in faith. However, none of those things are more powerful than the Lord. The Lord’s words are filled with power and when we speak them against the negativity, it has to stop and it has to go away. God never said it would be easy but He said that with Him on our side we will make it and we will not be shaken. This means that we can be in a place where fear is not in control and where our minds can be at peace. We don’t have to buy into the lie that says that we will always be afraid and we will always worry. No! God is stronger than those feelings and He can remove them from our lives and give us a  lot of peace. It might sound impossible to you now but God is the God of the impossible and He can do it. I have experienced amazing peace in the middle of the worst storms and the only explanation I had was that the peace was coming from the Lord. Now, I am talking about peace that makes no sense and that almost makes you feel guilty. You think that it is not normal and you shouldn’t be that calm but you can’t help it. Jesus can do that for you. It is very easy for Him. Reach out and ask Him to get you there. He will be more than happy to give you the serenity you need when things are chaotic.

Do you believe that God is supernatural? He is way above the realm of the natural even though He operates in it as well. He is above and beyond everything. He is where miracles live and blessings abound. This is not a place far, far away in the galaxy. He brings it to us and He comes to us with love and compassion and a whole lot of blessings. Like I said before, peace is one of them and it gives us the power to stay calm when we should be panicking. Like David, we can be at peace and not be shaken. It is part of our inheritance. We are entitled to that peace and to that power. The power of not being shaken comes straight from the Lord and it belongs to you. Claim it. Receive it and enjoy it. Don’t claim the foolishness the enemy is pushing in your direction. Don’t accept it and don’t be a victim to it. You are a child of the Living God. You are an heir to the Kingdom and you have something in you that is extremely important and powerful. You have that great power to stay calm. Friend, when you put all your trust in Jesus, you can’t be shaken. Keep walking toward Him. Get as close to Him as you can. You will see amazing things happen and you will have a lot of courage and peace. Tell Him every day that He is your Lord. Thank Him for keeping you calm. My prayer for you is that you experience peace every single day and that you remain calm in every situation in the name of Jesus. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 16; Psalm 121:5; Acts 2:25-28

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