Conquer your fears

I had a dream that got me thinking. I just woke up from it and I feel the urge to write about it. In the dream I was driving toward a huge monument. It was supposed to be a grocery store but it looked more like a monument you would find in Rome. It was gigantic and it looked too scary to me so I avoided it. I made a right and drove away from it. I felt intimidated and I tried to forget I had even seen it. God was showing me what happens when I am facing an obstacle or when I am face to face with my fears. I steer away from them and I go as far as possible from them. However, the Lord has a clear message in His Word about fear. He tells us not to fear and not to worry. Fear can be powerful but does it mean we have to hide under the blankets? Does it mean we should drive away from our fears and they will go away? No. “Do not fear” means stand your ground and be strong. Yes, the Lord wants us to be strong. Why? Because He makes us strong. He gives us a strong backbone and He is our strength. Fear is the enemy of faith. Fear is our enemy and the Lord promised to destroy our enemies. You can find many passages in the Bible about our enemies and a lot of them are describing enemies such as fear, doubt and any negativity from the devil. We are not to give up and let our enemies defeat us. All those enemies were defeated on the cross. Today I want to encourage you to conquer your fears in the name of Jesus.

Like I said earlier, fears can be powerful and they are a powerful lie that can be knocked out of our system with the power of God. We don’t have to face our fears alone. What happens when fear gets ahold of us is something that tries to keep us in a mental prison where we can’t see how we will get out of danger. Fear makes us think of danger. It highlights our inability to solve problems and to get out of tough situations. Fear isolates our faith and puts it in a box that seems unavailable. Fear lies because the truth is that God conquered every problem and every negative situation that may arise. Fear feeds on our human limitations and it pushes the idea in our heads that we will not make it. How can we conquer it? We have to interject the Lord between fear and ourselves. He has to be added into the situation. He has won the battle against every enemy and fear being an enemy is defeated in Jesus’ name. I use the name of Jesus against fear and it goes away. It vanishes and it dies down. Fear can be conquered and the best way to conquer it is to scare it away with the name of the Lord.

We are not supposed to deal with our fears alone. Jesus has already dealt with all the fears in the world on the cross. The fears that are crippling you today died on the cross and with the power of faith you can see them crumble before your very eyes. Faith kills fear. Faith is a reminder that the enemy has no power over you. Stay in faith. Speak against the fear. Tell your fears that they were defeated in the name of Jesus. Keep telling them that they can’t control you. Subject your fears to your faith and they will feel pain. They can’t stand the name of Jesus and they have to obey His name. Tell yourself that the fears can be conquered and you have nothing to be afraid of. Face your fears. Don’t run away from them. Deal with them with Jesus. Let me say this again. Deal with your fears with Jesus. He knows how to handle them and He is exactly what you need. Look at your fears with the eyes of faith. They will not like that. Stand strong and don’t back down. The Lord said you have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear and that is true today as well even if what you are going through seems huge. A tiny speck of faith can destroy the biggest fears because the power of the Lord backs up faith. God is on your side. You have nothing to fear!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4-5; Isaiah 43:1; Jeremiah 42:11


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