Block hate, spread love

I was reading an old message I had written a few years ago about praying for peace and sharing Jesus with the Lord. Years later do we still need peace? Absolutely! Do we still need to share Jesus? Absolutely. Things change all the time in the world but one of the things that never changes is our need for love, for peace, for hope and for Jesus. Jesus is love, peace, hope and more. Having Jesus gives us all we need. The world is in need of so much. Every day we hear about shootings, violence, hatred, unrest and all kinds of negativity. We need Jesus to face the harsh realities of the world and we need to spread His good news and help the world get to know Him. Love is the key. Showing love and walking in love are great ways of sharing Jesus with the world. I believe that sometimes we need to show Jesus through our actions before we even talk about Him. Sometimes we need to point Him out to the world through good deeds, through compassion and through care. The world is in desperate need of a change. There needs to be a change in the spiritual structure that has been in place for so long. Love can rule but it won’t happen overnight and there will always be opposition. You and I can be the pioneers of that change. We can distribute peace and touch people with Jesus’ love. However, we should find His peace, hold on to it so we can navigate through the wild parts of our lives. How can we help others if we don’t have a strong and solid spiritual foundation first? 

I am a believer in taking care of our spiritual life first so we can assist others. It is the idea of the oxygen mask. When you fly, they tell you that you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put the oxygen mask on others. What does your oxygen mask look like? How tight is it? Is it tightly strapped around you or it is loose? I have found mine to be loose at times and I have to focus and make it right again. Every time I take steps away from the Lord, my oxygen mask doesn’t fit well. I know Jesus and I am trying to get to know Him better so that His love and His peace fit well in my life. They are what I want the most. I strive to be more like Him and to imitate Him. I want my garment of praise to have love and peace all over it so I can wear them every day. They make up the perfect apparel that gets noticed because it is so pure and so vibrant. God’s love in us can be so vibrant that people know we walk in love without us saying anything. We can preserve this love and nurture it by maintaining the love walk and keeping the lines of communication open with Jesus. He loves hearing from us and talking to us. He has a lot to say about caring for the world and carrying the torch of peace around. God is the creator of peace and we can get so much peace from Him that there will always be enough to go around. With the torch of peace in hand we ought to take a stand. Take a stand for peace. Take a stand against all the hatred that is so prevalent in the world. A few words of love from Jesus to the world through us can make a difference. We can silence the hate and turn up the volume of love and peace everywhere we go. Hate has been too loud for too long. It needs to be blocked. We have the power to block it in the name of Jesus.

We can block hate and set love free. Today commemorates the biggest example of love given to the world. Jesus came back to life to save us. He had died on the cross and took care of our salvation for us. There is no greater love than His sacrifice. He did it for anyone who would believe in Him. He blocked hate for good and set love free into the world for those who have faith in Him. Let’s put a stone in front of the tomb of hate and block it as we walk in love with everyone we run into. It takes a village to build a community of love and we are the starting block because Jesus is our cornerstone and from Him comes an avalanche of love. Let’s share that avalanche and give love freely. We can’t keep all this love for ourselves. It wants to be sert free and to reach the ends of the world. I want to encourage you to keep carrying the torch of peace and to keep showing love as much as you can. Don’t spare it. Give it generously. You and I are part of the movement of love that can impact the world in a beautiful way. Let’s spread the love!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:10; 1 Corinthians 13:13; Ephesians 4:2

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