But there is Jesus

When I think back to some of the worst times of my life, I remember the pain, the agony and the anguish. I remember life before the Lord. I remember that nothing seemed to go right and I didn’t believe life could get better. I was stuck in a cycle of bad dreams, bad breaks and bad luck. It seemed like something needed to happen for my life to get better and that something didn’t exist. At least that is how I saw it then. Knowing Jesus, getting saved and accepting the Lord as my Savior changed my life dramatically. It was like night and day. The new day that came to be had nothing to do with the dark night I had been experiencing for most of my life up to that point. To this day it is hard for me to describe what Jesus did for me and what He continues to do. I didn’t deserve His freedom and yet He gave it so freely. There is no one better than Him. There is no greater joy than the joy of the Lord. There is no greater peace than His. There is no greater love than the love of the Father. I am going to be blown away forever because of what He did to my life. That is how it feels. Jesus did something to my life. He made it better. He removed the layer of negativity and darkness that had wrapped around my life for so long. He uncovered the beauty under the ashes. He parted the seas of misery and commanded them to stay on each side of this new and amazing life. He walked on the rocky ocean of my life and gave me His hand so I could hold on to hope and to a better future every day of my life. My life is not the same and it will never be the same. Jesus did that. Jesus does that. Today when things get spicy and I lose focus on the One who matters, my spirit tells me, “But there is Jesus.” Yes, there is Jesus all the time. That truth is etched in my heart but just like anyone else, I need reminders. Let me remind you today that there is Jesus.

Life will present problems and difficulties and serve them on a platter of bitterness but your response to life can always be “But there is Jesus.” That statement says “Yes, I see the problems but there is Jesus.” It says, “Yes, I see the problems but there is the Solution.” It says ‘I am not doing well now but there is Jesus.” It says, “Life is hard right now but there is Jesus.” Yes, friend, there is always Jesus. Your worst nightmare can’t negate that. It can feel like there is no hope but the Lord will bring you back to Him and show you that there will always be Jesus and that there will always be hope. I have no idea what you are going through today but I know for sure that there is Jesus. My mind responds to “But there is Jesus.” It is like a jolt from Heaven that puts everything back into place. Your day could be the worst day ever but a few words can turn everything around. Remembering that Jesus is almighty and He never fails can change the course of your day for the best. Write down “But there is Jesus” somewhere. Keep it in your phone. Paint it on the walls of your heart. Show it to your body, mind and soul and let the power of that declaration bring you back to peace and give you a boost. “There is Jesus” means that there is hope like I said and there is always a way out. Jesus is your way out. When you are stuck in a maze, Jesus will show you how and where to exit. Wait on Him. Reverence Him and honor Him. He has what you need and He is who you need. He will always be even if tomorrow gives you more trouble than you have ever faced. Jesus will be there tomorrow and He will get you through it all.

Your mind will tell you that your mountain is invincible and it is too big to be removed. The Holy Spirit doesn’t mind the mountains. If you turn to the Lord, His Spirit will say “But there is Jesus.” That should always settle the matter. When your mind is battling in the court of life, Jesus your advocate and Savior is present. Look at Him. Fix your eyes on Him. He has a way to destroy what is trying to destroy you. Don’t fall into the trap of despair believing that you will never get out of the hell you are going through. There is a pathway to Heaven now and His name is Jesus. Jesus can snatch you out of your hellish season and make spring come early. Don’t fear where you are going because Jesus will always go there with you. There is healing available to you. Jesus is the healer and He will heal your situations. There is nothing He can’t heal. There is nothing He can’t mend. There is nothing He can’t fix. The enemy doesn’t stop but there is Jesus. Problems will arise but there is Jesus. Pain will be part of your life but there is Jesus. Darkness comes at night but there is Jesus. Difficulties find their way to you but there is Jesus. Keep your hope in Him. Hope will never die because Jesus is here and He is alive. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:8; 1 Chronicles 28:20; Hebrews 13:5

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