The victory belongs to the Lord

The victory belongs to the Lord. No one else owns it. No one else can claim it. We have let the enemy win too many battles in our lives because we were blinded by his lies and his foolishness. He is not supposed to win. He doesn’t have the right to win. God has the right and the authority to win every battle. I go back to the cross often and to the resurrection because they represent the biggest win the world has ever seen. They are not just symbols. They are true testimonies to God’s superiority and to the power that love has over evil. God won. God wins. God will always win. He knows it. It is His reality and it is time we made it ours. Every single day we face all sorts of challenges and battles. It is easy to get discouraged but the Lord tells us to have courage because He has won the battles. He has won them all. He won way before the battles came to be in our lives. If you were to see all the battles ahead in your life, you would be extremely overwhelmed. God looks at our future and He sees the great things that are to come and the battles that will be raging in the future. He is not intimidated by any of them. He is not alarmed and He is not concerned about anything that is coming. Instead He is telling you, “Child, the victory belongs to Me. Do not fear and do not be scared. I have already won and I will get you through it all.” Get on board with the Lord’s reassuring words. Trust that the victory belongs to Him. Don’t give the enemy the satisfaction of being victorious when he is a defeated foe. Today is the day you can claim victory in Jesus’ name. Today is the day you can take back all the things that the enemy has stolen from you starting with your peace and your joy. They belong to you and Jesus provided them for you on the cross. 

Jesus can never be conquered and defeated. Start by meditating on that. It is true. It is real. Anything that comes your way has been defeated by Him. It takes faith to see that come to pass and it can happen in God’s timing. Bring all your battles to the Lord. Leave them in His hands. Don’t carry those heavy burdens. Don’t stay under the yoke of the oppression of the enemy. Jesus has a new breath for you, new hope, new blessings and new mercies. You are not meant to stay stuck in this jail that was built around you by the enemy. Remove those thoughts from your head. You are not going to fail. You are going to make it. You have Jesus. You have all you need. Hope is here. Hope is alive and well. The victory is still His today and because you are His child, you are entitled to win. You are going to win in Jesus’ name. You see, the enemy hates it when the people of God get ahold of the truth. This is a truth that he doesn’t want you to be aware of. Jesus is greater than any opposition and there are no battles too hard for Him since He won them all when He died and came back to life. Don’t give up on the victory. This is not God’s final say. His final words are words of victory and celebration so celebrate now. Express your faith by celebrating the victory won by Jesus. Jesus is your victory. Celebrate Him. Glorify Him. He has never lost a battle!

“Don’t give up hope” is what I hear when my back is against the wall and I am focusing too much on my problems. The God who always wins pulls me in His direction. He does it gently and surely. He knows what to tell me and how to encourage me and today I want to encourage you and tell you that Jesus has your victory and you are going to see a reversal of situations in your life. God’s victory doesn’t come in a limited edition. It is forever, meaning that whoever believes in Him can experience victory at any time. If you are facing some challenges and battles today, know that there is victory in your future. Pray to the Lord. Stay strong in prayer. Thank Him for the deliverance and for the victory. Declare His victory in your life early in the morning and late at night. The victory will come. Jesus never fails. His love always prevails. It is not over, friend. The best is yet to come. Don’t give up. Stay encouraged. The victory always belongs to the Lord!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; James 1:1-5; 1 John 5:4

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