What happens when you trust the Lord with all your heart

What happens when you trust the Lord with all your heart? Anything and everything happens. You pave the way for the unusual, the supernatural, the impossible and the incredible. You give God permission to write your story the way He wants. He is able to give you blessings that become a way of life. When you trust the Lord with all your heart, your heart is filled with hope, with love and with faith. There is a boldness that rises up in you. There is a power that lives within you and that comes alive. When you trust the Lord, you come alive every day. Every day is a new beautiful day. Every day you see His new mercies and His grace. You are awakened and you are aware of His permanent presence. When you trust the Lord more than you trust the world, you are on a different level. Nothing can faze you. Nothing can hurt you. Nothing can derail you. When you trust the Lord, you see life through His eyes and what you see is amazing. Problems still exist. The hurt and the pain still visit your home but there is a force inside of you that helps deal with anything from the enemy. No weapon formed against you can prosper and that is a reality for you. When you trust the Lord, you are not afraid and you don’t allow fear to manipulate you. You stand your ground and you know who your refuge is. You go through bad times and you still believe that God is on the throne and that He will always win. When you trust the Lord, you understand the power of the cross and the love of the Lord shines through you all the time. You let His love take over. You let His love direct your steps. You let His love show you the way. You let His love dominate you and possess you. You let Jesus be your everything. You let the Lord be Lord over everything. Today I encourage you to trust the Lord. Not just a little bit but with all your life, with all your heart. Let Him be your safety net. Let Him be the blueprint for your life. Let Him be Jesus to you!

When you trust the Lord with all your heart, you rely on His understanding. You know He is right all the time and you acknowledge that He knows better. You follow His Word and you trust His protection. There is nothing that the Lord won’t do for you and when you trust Him, you know that is the pure truth. You see Him as holy and supreme and you bow down before Him. You bow down by listening to His voice, by acting in faith and by keeping your thoughts centered on Him. Instead of giving fear an audience, you close its mouth by opening your mouth and praising the Lord. When you trust the Lord with all your heart, all you want to do is praise Him. You have the most incredible God on your side and you can’t get over it. He is unreal and yet He is more real than anyone and anything in this world. You just want to sing and adore Him. You just want to give Him the glory because you have seen His glory. Your mind gets saturated by His goodness and you can’t get enough of it. You walk in peace and you walk in love. His love is what He will give you first. His love is what you will embrace. You can’t trust God without trusting that He loves you and that He is love. When you trust the Lord, love becomes your best friend. Love talks to you all the time and you take notes with your heart and you write beautiful stories of hope in your mind. When you trust the Lord with all your heart, your heart is full and satisfied and Jesus is the object of your adoration!

When you trust the Lord with all your heart, your heart can’t be troubled. You have the blessed assurance that everything is going to be ok and more than ok. You know right from the start of your problems that there is a solution in Jesus and it will come to fruition sooner or later. You are not worried about the later and you embrace the sooner. You know without a doubt that the Lord is with you all the time and you have nothing to worry about. Your heart remains full of Jesus even when the world tries to fill it up with junk and lies. There is no room for lies in you when Jesus is all you know. When you trust Him, He fills you up to the brim. The hope, the peace and the joy you have are powerful. They stay with you all the time. When you go to bed and when you wake up they are there. You know that nothing and no one can defeat the Lord in you and that truth keeps you going. You understand that greater is the Lord that is in you than the devil that is in this world. You have a refuge and fortress that is reliable. Take the road of trust. Get on your journey with Jesus. Work on trusting Him with all your heart. If you are there now, I pray that you remain there. If you are on your way, don’t get discouraged. Keep going. Keep trusting. The peace that surpasses all understanding is closer than you think. What happens when you trust the Lord with all your heart is beyond anything you can imagine. Step by step you are getting there. Keep believing!

Suggested reading: Psalm 28:7;  Proverbs 3:5; Mark 5:36

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