Enjoy your journey with God

Ever since I became more serious with the Lord, I am understanding more and more that I am on a journey with God. He is there with me and He enjoys my company very much. I used to believe that God was distant and that He couldn’t be bothered by me or by anyone else. My perception of God was erroneous and wrong. The hobbit on a cloud is not God. He is not someone who is far far far away from us in another galaxy. That mistaken depiction of God gives us the idea that God can’t be reached, that He doesn’t hear our prayers and that He barely interacts with us. Then there was the theory that God only communicated with the leaders of the church. That is another lie that stands in the way of our faith. Our spiritual journey is meant to be with God on our side. We have to tear down these misconceptions and get to who God is. God is love and Love would never stay away from us or refuse to be part of our lives. That journey I am on is made amazing by God’s presence. He is on the road with me and I am doing my best to acknowledge Him and to include Him in every part of this journey. He is leading the way. I am not. It is a daily reminder that I need. This journey was set up by God and He knows where I am going and how I can get to all the places He wants me to see and visit. Jesus said that we should remain in Him. We can do that by letting Him be the head, the leader of our faith. He is leading the way and He is protecting us all the time. 

Today I want to encourage you to enjoy the journey and to recognize that God is showing you the way and you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. There will be hurdles on the way. There will be unexpected potholes and valleys but all those things don’t scare God. He never runs away when we get into the valley of the shadow of death. He is never intimidated by the wild life that stands in the way and the mountains that show up out of nowhere. He has been everywhere and He knows how to get by, how to overcome and how to come out on the other side with no burn marks. Yes, friend you and I will go through fires on this journey. There will be fires that will be hard to put down and yet God will get us through those fires. We will come out of them without even smelling like smoke, our clothes won’t be scorched and our hair won’t be singed. Let’s keep on walking knowing that the journey will be fine. Let’s keep on walking enjoying what the Lord is showing us around us. Let’s keep on walking, focusing on our amazing companion. Let’s keep on walking by faith and not by sight. This journey is all about knowing God, trusting Him, remaining in Him and seeing everything through the eyes of faith. We are going to grow a lot when we stay in the Lord. We are going to be transformed by His love when we let it dominate us. We are going to see blessings upon blessings when we trust the Lord with all our hearts. God is directing our steps and He has the perfect plan for this great journey. Remember that He has been in our shoes. When He was on the cross, He carried our suffering and our sins. He knows what we are going through. He has seen it all and our hope in Him should be founded on what He did for us. It is done and we can reap the benefits today as we walk side by side with Him. Our biggest troubles and problems are no stranger to God. He saw them, He bore them and they died on that cross. 

This journey is very exciting because it is led by the creator of the universe. God is much bigger, stronger and more powerful than anyone you will ever know. Think about that! Almighty God is on your journey and He is your guide. That blows my mind! Having Him as my counselor and my comforter is phenomenal. He makes the track through the valley painless. He lifts me up when I am down. He climbs the mountains with me and He helps me conquer my biggest fears. He is faithful. He is loving all the time. He is extremely encouraging and He doesn’t let me down. This journey is unique and I thank the Lord for it. I thank Him because it is always summer in winter and the rain that comes down is a rain of blessings. His silver lining defies the darkest clouds. His power over the storms of life is invincible. He has parted the seas for me more times than I can count and He goes before me wherever I go. You have a wonderful journey with an incredible God and my prayer is that you continue to stay close to Him on your journey and that you believe that nothing is impossible with Him and that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Enjoy your journey!

Suggested reading: Daniel 3:27; Psalm 119:105; 2 Corinthians 5:7

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