The answer is in the room

Yesterday was another day of meetings. I don’t particularly mind them. The Lord told me that each one of them is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to serve and to show love and compassion. How can you be upset about having meetings when you hear that? You can’t. You know that He is with you. He is not just watching you. He is assisting you so that you are open to learn and grow, ready to serve and available to love and be compassionate. Having the Lord there with you in a meeting is amazing. He is with you everywhere you go. Just because you are not thinking of Him or acknowledging Him doesn’t mean He has left the room. In my first meeting yesterday, a colleague talked about how when we get together and we put our heads together, we come up with new initiatives, with new ideas and with new solutions and answers to existing problems. She said “The answer is always in the room.” A bulb went off when she spoke those words. It reminded me of how God is always in the room with us so His answer is always in the room as well. We might decide to go to a different room to find answers but the reality is that we don’t have to go far to find what we need or what we are looking for. Friend, the answer is in the room. Your breakthrough, your victory, your solution and your answer are right there with you. God is never far and His ability to help you and to get you to where you need to be is out of this world. You have the One who created the world and who came back from the dead on your side. Look for your answers in Him. Knock on His door before you go look for answers in desolate and desperate places. You have what you need and it will always be there. Look around the spiritual room you are in. There should be a Bible there and God is definitely there. Talk to Him. Listen to Him. Trust His answers. He is always right!

I love the idea of a spiritual room. A room is an enclosed space where we spend time for various reasons. A bedroom is mostly meant for sleep. A dining room is mostly meant for eating. A living room is mostly meant for entertaining and hanging out. A spiritual room is not necessarily a physical space but it is an enclosed spiritual space that should be about you and God. It is the space where you can grow and learn and where you can communicate with God. You can communicate with Him anywhere. That is why I don’t limit my definition of a spiritual room. I would say it is any space where you and God hang out. That pretty much covers the whole world. Wherever you go in this world, God is there. Even if you were in space, God would be there as well so your spiritual room follows you anywhere. In that space between you and God are many opportunities for meaningful exchanges between you and God. He is talkative and He has a lot to say. You have to lean in and pay attention. Your spiritual room is only as good as you make it to be. God has done His part. Now it’s your turn to engage with Him in that space. My Bible gets me to that place easily. God talks on every page and the more I read and study it, the louder He sounds to me. I nurture my spiritual room because it is a place where new ideas, new hope and new blessings are birthed every day. Spending that intimate time with God produces so much good fruit. I love it. It is in that incredible space that God has all the answers I need. Sometimes in His Word and other times through the revelation I receive from His Spirit.

God knows the answer to every problem and to every dilemma. When we are facing problems, we often look for a way out, for the answer that will solve our problems. God is the way out and He owns the best answers. He can impart His knowledge and wisdom to us in whichever way He pleases. We ought to be open and willing to hear what He has to say. The answer is always with Him so if we seek His face, we will find the answer. A lot of us have had sleepless nights. Nights when we looked for solutions and we tried to come up with the best scenario that would make everything better. Going to God before we lose sleep is crucial. We should give Him those sleepless nights and take what He has to offer. He always has peace, comfort and love to offer. His answer is always to stay calm and to trust Him. We don’t have to go anywhere else to find what is the best thing to do. Trusting Him is the answer that will never fail and that will always get the job done. Friend, next time you are scratching your head trying to identify your next steps, remember that the answer is always in the room. It is right there near you. God is with you and you have all you need. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; John 15:7; 1 John 5:14-15

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