Do it all for God

Yesterday was one of those days when a lot happened. I had meetings after meetings. My workload increased out of nowhere and the demands from my job got a bit bigger. I barely had time to do what I usually do after work and my boss wanted to talk to me on the phone in the evening. My first reaction was “Oh no this is going to cut into my Jesus time” but the Lord wanted me to talk to her and to give my undivided attention. It is nice to know that the Lord cares about what we do and He wants us to do it all with love and compassion as if we were doing it for Him. We can do it all for Him. It helps when you adopt that way of thinking. It has helped me go above and beyond because at the end of the day what I get to do, I get to do it thanks to Him. My job might be too much at times but Jesus gave it to me. It is up to me to enjoy the work or to complain and whine about it. How would you like it if you gave someone a gift and the person always found fault with it? It wouldn’t feel great. When I am tempted to complain, I think of the gift. I think of my work as the precious gift from God that it is. I think of how I can use this gift to honor God and to bless others. I am also learning that I am not alone in this job. God goes to work with me and He doesn’t leave me all day. Today I want to encourage you to keep God in the forefront of your day and to remember that He is with you at work, at home, at the gym, when you are walking, when you are sleeping. He doesn’t leave and He is there to assist you. He is not a passive God and He is not watching you from a distance hoping that you will make it. He will help you make it. God will give you the strength, the courage and the heart to do what you have to do. Do it all for Him!

When all the work and the stress were piling up yesterday, I saw myself giving it all to God and I thought that was the best thing I could do. Sometimes I take on much more than I should. I think that I am my own rescuer and I have to save myself from the pressure and from the difficulties. God is my rescuer. God is my helper. God is my solution. God is my daily companion and His companionship gets me through anything. I am not a solo act. I am a child of God. He is the main act and I am His follower, His fan and His imitator. I took that pile of stress and gave it to God yesterday. I said “Lord, this is a lot to handle right now and I know I can handle it all thanks to You. You are my strength and you are my helper. Please take this burden off me” I felt some major relief. I felt at peace and I made a plan in my head for the rest of the evening. The plan was to acknowledge the Lord in everything I did. I looked at the work that was waiting for me on my computer and I told the Lord that I have that work thanks to Him. It is a gift and it is a blessing. My life would not be the same without that work and I am honored to be doing it all for His glory. Friend, when you take that approach, everything is much better. God is the source of all good things and having a daily occupation is a good thing. No matter what the job is. No matter how tedious it can be. It is something to be thankful  for. God gave me that peace that I needed and I had a great evening. I talked to my boss and I informed her of some ideas I had for a project. She was happy to hear them. I wasn’t going to tell her that it was all too much for me and I would rather pass the work onto someone else. That workload was there for a reason and the Lord wanted me to take care of that job. I did and I will continue to do it. I will continue to do it for the Lord.

Love, compassion and reverence are key when dealing with tasks that can be frustrating or annoying. Some tasks involve working with other people and that is where we can show love. Interacting with people can be the last thing we want to do on certain days but when we tap into the Lord’s compassion that resides in our hearts, it is easier. God is patient with every one of us. He loves us all and He treats us all the same. We have that ability to see people through His eyes if we lean on Him. You see, leaning on God means that we rely on Him but it also means that He rubs off on us as we lean on Him. We can stand by the Lord and not be changed by His presence. We can’t depend on Him and not receive something good from Him. He is the best God there is and He can bless us in all we do. God will bless your work, your daily occupations, your tasks and your duty. Do it all for Him. Do it all with Him. Do it all through Him. Do it all thanking Him. God will assist you and transform you as you remain obedient. Show Him reverence and honor in all you do. It is not that you have to do all these things. With Him, you get to do all these things. Keep a joyful heart in your daily tasks. Things will be more pleasant and more enjoyable. Do it all for God!

Suggested reading: Colossians 3:17; Colossians 3:23; Ephesians 6:6-7


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