Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Why is it that we act like He has changed and He is not in control anymore? I think that is something we should ponder until we get to the realization that He is indeed the same today. His love and His power have not faded. His compassion and His goodness are as bright as they were back when He came to earth. His desire to heal and to set people free is still alive and His ability to do that has not been altered. Jesus said that He could not perform miracles in places where people did not believe in Him. Could it be that our faith is not strong enough these days? Could it be that we have faith in a God that doesn’t measure up to the Jesus of the Bible? Could it be that we have considered Him a God of the past and today we think we have to fend for ourselves? There could be many different reasons but there is one thing for sure. All the reasons that we have nurtured and that have kept us from seeing Jesus as He truly is can’t change the truth. The truth will set us free and the truth is that Jesus will never ever change and that truth will set us free when we accept it and embrace it. It will set us free from our boundaries and from the bubble where the world is powerful and Jesus is small. I used to have a small Jesus. My problems were mountains compared to Him and the world seemed very overwhelming. My small Jesus couldn’t do much. He was good and loving but He would disappear as soon as difficulties would show up. I had the wrong Jesus. He wasn’t the Jesus of the Bible. He was the Jesus of my own creation. He was the result of my own thoughts, my own fears and my own apprehension. He was based on what people said about Him and not on what the Word of God said about Him. Never get second hand information about the Lord. You will end up with a modified version of the Lord almighty.

Today I want to reiterate the truth that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That verse of the Bible, that declaration of truth is loaded with hope and with power. It is a verse that I suggest you meditate on along with verses that talk about what Jesus is like. Read about His grace and mercy. Read about His miracles. Read about the power of His love. Read about the cross. Read about the resurrection. Read about His power of forgiveness. Read about His power of redemption. Read about His Spirit. Read about the faith He inspires. Read about His ability to do the impossible. Read about His joy and His peace. Read about His power to set the captives free. Read about how He conquered the world. Read about what He has to say about you. Read about how much He adores you. Read about Jesus. Pray about what you read. Trust and believe what you read. Let your vision of Him be bigger than your fears and stronger than your doubts. Read about Jesus with your mind and with your heart. Get closer to Him. Not just in your head but let your spirit draw near to Him. Develop a longing heart. A heart that beats just for Him and that can’t wait to spend time with Him every day. Get a clearer picture of who Jesus is. Your faith in Him will move mountains just like it is supposed to do. Jesus once said that if we had faith in Him, our faith would move mountains. That will always be the case. Stir yourself up. Jesus is the same!

Can the miracles that are reported in the Bible happen today? I believe it wholeheartedly. We are also told that bigger miracles can take place for those who believe in Him. Push the limitations of your mind. Grow your faith. The God of miracles is here today. Revive Him in your heart. Welcome Him into your life. God can only be as big to you as you allow Him to be. It is your faith that gives Him the power to intervene in your life. He can do anything and He can perform miracles. Your trials and tribulations today are not too big for Jesus. Follow Him like the people who followed Him wherever He went. Touch His garment with your faith. Reach out and touch Him. Declare that one touch is enough. That touch is your faith stretched out. Be more than the people who followed Him for a short while. Be a disciple. Be one of those who would not leave His side and who worshipped Him. He is the same, friend. You are following the Savior of the universe. Remind your problems and your mind that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. You don’t have to worry about anything. Jesus is by your side!

Suggested reading: Malachi 13:6; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17

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