Having open conversations with God

I was in a meeting yesterday where we talked about solving conflicts and bringing down the barriers of separation. One person said that it all starts with a conversation and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t talk to people enough. We jump to conclusions and we have preconceived ideas about the people we don’t know. A simple conversation can solve a lot of our issues and it can put a dent in the progress that prejudice and segregation have made. This whole meeting made me think about how we ought to have conversations with God. We pray to God and sometimes we sound more like robots who have everything memorized. We have an automatic and robotic approach to God when we should approach Him as the Father that He is. Fathers love to talk to their kids and to have open conversations with them. God is the Father of all fathers and He loves us, His children. He doesn’t want to have a stale relationship where we only talk to Him when we need Him. He doesn’t want to hear from us only when things go wrong. If we don’t have that open dialogue and those continued conversations, we won’t get to know Him well. He knows us better than we know ourselves so He is all set but talking to Him allows us to get to the core of who He is and to know His heart. Today I am inviting you to have open conversations with God. Pray to God often and make your prayers more like conversations between the Father that He is and the child that you are.

Parents, good parents, are interested in their children’s development and they want to make sure that their children have a good life and that they reach their full potential. God cares about every aspect of your life, friend and He desires for you to have the best life and to reach your potential. He is the amazing parent who encourages you, who helps you, who coaches you and who always has your back. Now, it is important that you communicate with Him because when you do, He talks to you as well. God is the best listener there is and a tremendous speaker. He speaks non stop. Out of His mouth come rivers of hope, love and joy. Everything He says is pure and noble. Everything He says is positive and motivational. Everything He says is laced in love and full of enthusiasm. Everything He says is powerful and life-changing. If you don’t give yourself the chance to have conversations with God, you will miss out on all the advice, the counseling, the encouragement and the hope He has for you. You see, God talks through many venues and when we establish a conversation pattern with Him, He talks to us in the ways that will get our attention and that will enlighten us and help us. Sometimes I talk to God during my prayer time and then I start to read the Bible and I am amazed at what I find. He gives me what I need and He replies to my inquisitive mind through His Word. That is one way He talks to us.  He knows what we are going to say but yet He loves hearing us talk to Him. He loves our voices and He rejoices every time we talk to Him.

I had a friend who always said that God rejoiced over me and that He was excited to spend time with me. I loved hearing that. It made sense but it wasn’t something I focused on. I changed my focus. I shifted my thinking. I understood that I needed to act on the knowledge that God loved spending time with me. He is always with me but I am not always with Him. The change came when I had my talking sessions with God. At first they were more about me talking and asking Him questions. He took the time to reply when it was the right time. Then those sessions became more about Him. They would start with me being quiet and listening. I loved those sessions so much because they made me realize how talkative the Lord is. I still have those sessions and they are a great source of encouragement and inspiration. God inspires. He gives us hope of a much better future and the hope that we can reach our full potential in Him. If we don’t stay in our heads and we open ourselves up to what God wants to tell us, we get inspired and we are thrilled about the great life we have with the Lord.We learn that He is interested in our development and He will always support us. Daily open conversations with God are key. They help us face the day and they give us an idea of who God is. He is love and when we listen to Him, we hear love speaking over our lives and we are confident that everything is going to be just fine. Have open conversations with the Lord. Talk to Him about anything and everything. Listen to anything and everything He has to say. Nurture your relationship with Him through prayers and conversations. It will make your life so much better. Keep talking to God! Keep listening to God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 25:4-5; Proverbs 2:1-5; John 8:47

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