God says you are forgiven

Yesterday I wrote about what God says about us. He says that we are loved, we are saved, we are blessed, we are a blessing, we are people of faith and we have a strong spirit. He says a lot about us and it would take a long time to list everything. However, there is something else He says that needs to be underlined. God says we are forgiven. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that whoever believes in Him shall be saved and receive eternal life. The eternal life He provides is marked by forgiveness. He redeemed us. He reconciled us with the Father. Our sins are forgiven. We have this new life where we can be in unison with God and we can walk freely. It is a hard concept for many of us especially when the enemy keeps making us feel guilty. He is the accuser of the brethren like the Bible says. He convinces people that they can’t be forgiven. He has the power of guilt and he uses it all the time against everyone. The enemy puts a lot of negative ideas in our minds and one of them is that God can’t forgive us and He can’t love us. The lies of the enemy are a menace to our faith but they are not bigger than the truth. The truth is that through Jesus’ blood we are redeemed. Our redemption was settled once and for all and there is no looking back or falling back into the trap of the enemy’s lies. 

When I pray, I always repent and I always thank the Lord for forgiving me. There is the initial forgiveness when we accept Jesus as our Savior. That forgiveness allows us to move from eternal death to eternal life. That forgiveness washes us in the blood of Jesus and makes us whiter than the snow. I was led to thank the Lord for making me white as snow at a young age and I see that I need to revive that revelation from time to time. It is true every day. We sin every day and we can repent every day and that is when the subsequent forgiveness comes in. There is a thread of daily forgiveness that goes on and on. All we have to do is repent and ask for forgiveness believing that we are truly forgiven. Today I want to remind you that God says you are forgiven and He means what He says. Don’t be hard on yourself. No one is perfect but we are made perfect through the blood of Christ. I am not saying that it is ok to sin. It is not, but show me someone who never ever sins and then we can talk about that miracle. It would be a miracle indeed if someone never sinned. Jesus is the only One who has never sinned.

The power of the Lord’s forgiveness is sometimes underestimated. When you think of it, it is the reason why we can have a connection with God and develop a beautiful relationship with Him. His forgiveness changes lives. His forgiveness brings hope and it emphasizes His love for humanity. If there was no forgiveness, there would be no hope for today and for tomorrow. What would be the point of living a life where we could never be part of God’s family and where we could never know Jesus? Unfortunately it is very common for people to be stuck in a place where they can’t reach the truth of the Lord’s forgiveness. You and I can help our neighbors learn about the Lord’s forgiveness and about life in Christ. What separated us from God was gone the moment we accepted Jesus into our hearts. God said, “Child, you are forgiven. Live in Me and through Me.” There is no fear of never knowing God when we are forgiven. The key is to understand and believe that His forgiveness is for us today through the price He paid for our sins a long time ago. If anyone tells you that God will never forgive you for something you did, go talk to God about it and see what He has to say about the matter. His love settles all matters in the court of life. You are forgiven and the seal of His blood is on that powerful decision.

What God will always say is that His love for you covers all your sins. Thank Him today and every day because His love is enough, His grace is enough and His mercies are new every morning. Don’t let the enemy or anyone make you feel like you will never be loved by God. God is not mad at you no matter what life is trying to tell you. It is not true. He gave His Son as a sacrifice for eternity. Stay in the comfort of that truth. God is full of forgiveness and He knows you will mess up but He will still forgive you, love you and restore you back to peace. You are loved and you are forgiven. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Mark 11:25; Acts 2:38; 1 John 1:9

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