Your prayers are powerful

Friend, your prayers are powerful. You better believe it. You better start believing it. God said “ask and you shall receive” so when you pray, know that what you are asking is going to come to pass. You have to have more faith in God’s ability to make things come to pass and you have to trust that He hears you. He loves you and He wants to bless you. He is not turning a deaf ear to your prayers. You have what it takes to say powerful prayers. Your words matter. Your words carry weight. Your words make a difference as long as they are based on the Word of God and they are spoken in the name of Jesus. You see, Jesus gave us the authority to use His name when we pray. His name is the name above all names and it can create miracles. All you have to do is say what’s in your heart according to His Word and believe that He is listening and He is answering your prayers. Remember that without faith we can’t please God. This means that we need faith to move the hand of God. It doesn’t mean that He doesn’t like us when we have no faith. Our faith gets things activated and it moves the heart of God. Your words spoken with faith move the heart of God. How beautiful is that?! Make your words count. Make your prayers count by aligning them with God’s will and by persevering. Keep praying and keep declaring that God heard you. Add gratitude and thanksgiving to your prayers. Say bold prayers. Say prayers that move mountains. Not because of who you are but because of the One who listens to you and who has already answered your prayers. Your prayers are powerful, friend. Praise God for that!

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and He brought them to their desired haven (Psalm 107:28-30). God has been answering prayers for centuries. In the Old Testament, He came to the rescue of those who called on Him. Now that we have Jesus there is even more of a reason for Him to answer our prayers. Jesus is the go-between, the bridge between the Father and us and when we pray in His name, God listens. He hears us. There is no doubting that we are being heard. I suggest you meditate on that truth. Make it a goal to develop your faith in how God hears you. We need to take the time to understand that our heavenly Father is an expert at listening and at acting in our favor. Our prayers don’t stay dormant in an in-between realm where everything is stale. Our prayers in the name of Jesus go straight to God and reach His heart. They are with Him and they don’t come back empty. God loves to hear our voices and He loves it when we turn to Him. We are the ones who complicate the whole process. Prayers are simple. They were never meant to be difficult. Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus and rest assured that things are going to change and that God is doing something great for you. Keep reminding yourself of that. It is a simple truth and it should be the foundation of your faith in the power of your prayers. They are powerful because the name of Jesus is powerful. His name is supercharged with life-changing power. His name sets us up for victory and for greatness.

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere (Ephesians 6:18). Strong prayers are persistent. They keep happening. They are not a one time occurrence. If you want to have strong prayers, don’t stop praying. No matter what the outcome is, keep on praying. Pray at all times. Make the most of any time of the day and pray. Pray and pray. A prayer warrior is someone who prays despite the circumstances. Someone who knows that he or she is being heard even when the world seems to be against them and nothing is happening. Sometimes things take a long time. It doesn’t mean that your prayers are not being answered. Continue praying and saying those powerful words. Your words are changing the spiritual atmosphere and they are setting things in motion. Hold on to faith. Pray with faith in the Lord. You are doing the praying and He is doing the rest. He has everything set in place and He is just waiting for your fervent prayers. Show Him that you know He is on your side. Today I encourage you to say your prayers in Jesus’ name and to thank Him for having heard you. Add faith to what you say. Remember that it is powerful and expect great things in Jesus’ name. Your prayers are powerful!

Suggested reading:  Matthew 7:7; Mark 11:24; John 14:13-14

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