Patience is a strength

I am learning how to be patient and I think that it will be a lifelong lesson. I believe that as Christians we are always learning and we will never be at a point where we can say that we have arrived and that we know it all. I also believe that whatever we learn we ought to apply it. We are encouraged to be doers of the Word and not just listeners. If we learn about patience in the Word of God, we have to be “doers of patience” and not just listeners of patience. God is extremely patient. He is the most patient One. Sometimes I wonder how He puts up with us because I know I would never be able to have that much patience with everyone. Yet He is the King of patience and His patience is a beautiful demonstration of His love. He doesn’t get mad or angry at us. He doesn’t shake His head and says “When will they ever learn?” He cares and He takes His time with every single one of us. He has a lot to say about patience and we have a lot to learn about it. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and I need to let it grow more and more in my life. At times I think I have the patience of a saint and at other times I see that I need to be a lot more patient. I count the days, the months and the years before something takes place that I have been waiting for. I refer to my “life plan” and I get so impatient when I notice that I am behind compared to where I should be. It is a lie. I am where the Lord has me and I have to detach myself from any life plan that is not from God. God’s plan is always the best plan and we should patiently watch it unfold.

God tells us that we must be patient. Not because He wants us to suffer but because He knows what’s best for us. Being patient allows us to be more like God. It is a way for us to develop spiritual maturity and to take a step back and enjoy the present. Lack of patience leads to lack of appreciation. We can’t enjoy the moment if we are not patient. We can’t see God’s beauty at hand when our minds are focused on tomorrow. Patience sits us down and gives us a great perspective. With patience we can see the tiniest details of our busy day. When we are rushing around and we are not paying attention to the intricate details of today, we miss out on what God is trying to show us. He wants us to open our eyes to the blessings and to the miracles that exist in our lives. I remember a time when I paid attention to everything around me. God pointed out so many things that were always around me and I was amazed at the riches that were always there but that I had never focused on. It helped me a lot. It helped me not feel bad about myself during that time when I didn’t have much. Patience rejoices over the little we have and it knows that more is coming. Patience works hand in hand with faith and it expects great things. Patience is in harmony with confidence, reassurance and trust.

When we are patient, we are telling our problems and our tough circumstances that we know they won’t be here forever. The enemy loves seeing us lose our temper and be impatient. When we are patient, we are Christ-like and that gets on the enemy’s nerves. Patience is in the essence of love and when we walk in love we walk all over the enemy. We walk all over his lies, over his negativity and over his destructive nature. Walk in love with patience and you will walk to your victory. Patience is confident that God will come through and that things will turn around. Patience, solid patience, doesn’t doubt God. It says “It’s ok if it doesn’t happen today but I know it will happen someday.” Patience talks about “eventually” and “someday” without losing hope. Patience is a strength. It is an amazing quality and a divine trait that we, children of God have. It is a good thing to pray for more patience and it is a great thing to exercise patience. Today I want to invite you to get on the “patience train” and to ride it as long as you can. Enjoy the scenery while you are on that train. Look at the beautiful details of your life. Take a closer look at what the Lord is already doing in your life and expect even more eventually. Be patient in tribulation and be patient in trials. The weapon of patience added to love and faith will enable you to be the conqueror the Lord knows you already are. Be patient. God’s promises are not going anywhere. Sometimes they take a while and it is always for a good reason. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 40:1; Romans 12:12; James 5:8

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