The best song you will ever sing

I love music! Like many people, I listen to music every single day. I couldn’t imagine my life without music. There are songs that I sing when I am driving or when I am by myself. Those songs are Christian songs. Some I call “feel good songs.” They don’t really exalt the Lord but they have a good and comforting message. Then there are songs that give Jesus all the glory. Those are my praise songs and my favorite songs by far. I find that songs that focus on Jesus are very powerful and very beautiful. I sometimes get songs in my head that I have never heard before but I sing them. I let the lyrics roll out of my heart and come out of my mouth. I join the choir of Heaven and sing those new songs to the Lord. They sound amazing to me and they always come when I need to up my praise game or when I am full of joy. Whatever our hearts are full of will always come out. When my heart is full of appreciation and gratitude, praises come out.

I want to be that Christian who will always praise the Lord even if life is trying to make me doubt and make me fall. Life can try to squeeze the words “I give up” out of me but “Amen. God is great” is what will come out instead. What is the best song I have ever sung? I can think of a few songs but I know that my life is the best song I will ever sing if I stay in the Lord and He remains the focal point of my life. Our lives are songs. They have rhythms, they have lyrics, they have a beat and they have a chorus. When Jesus is your chorus and your refrain, your life is a sweet song that gives God the glory. I choose to sing Jesus with my life. I don’t always get it right. It is often out of tune but my heart is in it and I will continue to sing the best song I could ever sing to His glory.

What does your life say about you? What is the main theme of the song of your life? What do you focus on and what do you want your legacy to be? These are poignant questions that are not always easy to answer. I invite you today to examine your life and to try to line up the lyrics of your life with the Word of God. When His Word defines our lives, when we rely on His Word to make sense of our lives, we produce a melody that is pure and holy. God’s Word has all the lyrics we need to create a great song and to lead a life that is pleasing to God. Is it always going to be perfect? Not at all but Jesus is perfect and He gives meaning to our lives.

 My main chorus is all about Jesus. He is why I am here, why I live and why I enjoy this life. Jesus should always be the refrain that comes back over and over again. When things go well and when things go bad, Jesus should still be the One we worship and praise. He told us to remain in Him and to live our lives through Him. He is the best reason to celebrate life and the only One who is worthy of all our praises. When you think about it, you would have nothing without Him and you would be nowhere. Jesus puts us on the map of life and gives us a place to stay, a place to grow and a place to rejoice. Let Him be your chorus. Let Him be the main theme of your life and your song will be marvelous and inspiring.

The best song you will ever sing is the song that gives Jesus credit for everything. It is the song that puts Him first and that makes you take the back seat. It is the song that doesn’t worship the world but that lifts up the name of Jesus. It is a song about love and about the cross. It is a song of joy, a song of peace and a song of faith. It is all about the love of God. It is all about loving others like ourselves. It is all about peace. It promotes peace with others and peace within. It is all about joy. It rejoices all the time even when life is rough. It is all about faith. It keeps every lyric Jesus-centered and it sees things before they happen.

This song doesn’t rely on circumstances but it is a song that knows that everything will be alright no matter what. It is not a song of fear but a song of victory in the Lord. It is encouraging, uplifting and motivational. Your life can be that song. Your life can be all about Jesus, all about love, all about peace and all about faith. Let your life be in sync with the Lord. Trust Him. Sing about Him. Let His love echo in your body and His peace resonate in your mind while His joy dances in your heart. You are singing a song every day with your life and it can be very powerful. Keep singing Jesus to the world through your thoughts, your actions and your words!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; Psalm 21:13; Ephesians 1:3


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