10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 159)

Make God your priority and not your exception. Put Him at the front of the line. Think of Him first. Count on Him first. Pray to Him first. Thank Him first.

Without Jesus you can feel artificial and generic. With Jesus you know you are unique and special. God made you exceptional so understand that you are not superficial.

God is rebuilding you piece by piece by giving you peace and more peace. Let God put together the pieces of your life that needed His peace to make your life the piece of art that it was meant to be!

Better days are on their way. Better feelings and better emotions are coming. God is about to you take off of that roller coaster of emotions and put you on a boat of peace. Stay encouraged!

There is nothing that your God can’t do. Let Him show you how impossible is not in His vocabulary. Let Him give you His way of speaking that will impact your way of thinking. The impossible will become natural when you rely on the Lord who is supernatural!

God is telling you today not to fear. He is telling you that your worst worries are not grounded in the truth. He is telling you that He is the truth, the way and the life. Follow Him. Don’t adhere to the lies attached to the fear. Embrace the truth and the peace that come with Jesus.

When you remain in the Lord, nothing can shake you. The earth under you will move but you will not be shaken and you will not be troubled. Your heart will be filled with peace because the Lord is the King of peace and in Him there is no noise and no confusion.

God gives and He will always give you the best. Don’t expect any less. Keep hoping when His best is not here yet. Don’t lose hope. God always delivers and He always keeps His promises.

The love you experience with God has no human counterpart. It doesn’t exist in this world. It is out of this world and yet God makes it available for you in this world. You deserve His love today. Praise Him for His love and for His goodness!

Trust that God hears your prayers. Change your thinking and believe that God listens to you and that He will answer your prayers in His timely fashion. Your prayers are never in vain.

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:17-18; Isaiah 65:24; John 4:6

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