God is in the house

What would Jesus tell you if He came to your house today? How would you welcome Him? Would you recognize Him? These are questions that I have asked myself a million times. What would Jesus say? I found answers in the Bible. The truth is that I still find answers in the Bible. I discover new truths and new revelations all the time. One thing for sure is that everything I find out brings me back to the central message of the Word of God; the message of love. The more I study the Word, the more I realize that it is all about love. It is a love letter from the Father to us His children. A love letter with Jesus as the main topic, the main inspiration and the main motive. God did it all for love and His Son is the evidence. If Jesus came to my house in person today, He would talk about love and He would show me how much He loves me. What amazes me now that I understand Him a bit better is that He comes to my house every day. He is always here and He is always talking about love and encouraging me. I am not always aware of it but He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me. This is true for you as well, friend. Jesus is not coming to your house tomorrow or in the distant future. He is in your house. He is with you and He is talking to you today. He is wrapping you up in His arms of love and He is looking at you with so much love in His eyes that you can get lost in His gaze of tenderness.

God is in the house. Jesus is in the house. Jesus is in your house. It is time that we reflected on that truth and that we learned how to embrace it. We can host God. We can give Him a comfortable chair and entertain Him with our thoughts, our needs and our doubts. We can treat Him as a guest who shouldn’t say a word but who should listen to us and hear us out. We can invite Him in for ourselves or we can invite Him to praise Him. I used to welcome God so He could just focus on me and listen to my complaints and to my doubts. I would do all the talking and I would just think that He was here for me and not for any other reason. That’s what I call “entertaining God with our needs.” It is almost like treating Him like a genie. Expecting Him to grant us all our wishes. I was so wrong. I was so blind. I was so lost. Then I was made aware of the tunnel vision approach I had of God. I rejected that approach and I welcome the Lord more. I was glad that God was with me and in my house so that I could exalt Him and I could  learn about His love. He was also the guest who had to become the host.

A few years ago during a time of prayer, it seemed clear that the Holy Spirit who indwells our temple should become the host and not just a guest. We have to give Him the keys so to speak and let Him do some major remodeling in our homes. We should let Him into every room and be receptive to His feedback, to His recommendations and to His suggestions. We all have houses that need to be renovated by the Lord and until we give in and we give Him control, our homes will be places where He will just be a guest, a visitor. I don’t want God to just be a visitor of my life. I want Him to be my life and to guide me, counsel me and speak to me. We ought to develop ears that can hear the Lord. Our ego and our self-righteousness have to be left outside the door. God can only do so much in our lives if we don’t have faith and we don’t trust that He knows better. He is entitled to be the head of the house. He is not our sidekick, He is our chief in command. Don’t worry about having a neat house with everything in order. God is there to help you put everything where it belongs. God is in the house so acknowledge Him all the time. Don’t leave Him at your doorstep when He is already inside. Honor Him. Glorify Him. Listen to His love and trust Him. You are never alone, friend. God is always with you and He always, always loves you. He will never leave you and He will never disappoint you. Trust Him with the keys to your heart. He will make your heart His home and keep you company all the time!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 3:16; Psalm 119:36; Hebrews 13:5

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