God has better for you

God has better for you. He said that your current suffering cannot compare to the joy that is to come. That very special joy will come. Jesus is going to make it happen. You are not going to be where you are now forever. There are blessings and peace in your future that are going to blow your mind. Be ready to be mind-blown. Sometimes you can’t prepare for it and you can’t brace yourself because the Lord shows up at the least expected time. Don’t worry if things look like they won’t change. It’s not about looks, it’s about faith. Faith sees things before they happen and you are going to see them materialize. The troubles of today are nothing compared to the peace of tomorrow. God has much better for you than what you are going through now. Believe it. Trust Him. The confusion, the lack, the failure, the fear and the pain are not going to last. They might have a big place in your life now but they are going to have to make room for what the Lord has in store for you. It will be as if Jesus walked into the room and all the negativity had to flee. He is going to walk into the room and tidy it up. The mess you are in is not your permanent condition. It is a rough season. I understand that and I go through such seasons but I also know that the sun is always behind the clouds and there is so much better out there. The good news is that the Lord brings what is good and what seems unreachable to us and He makes everything better. Don’t lose hope. God has some amazing things for you. He is not done blessing you!

I used to think that I had the best that life could offer and it wasn’t all that great. I used to believe that I had reached my limit of goodness and that there was a threshold I couldn’t cross. The grass looked greener on the other side and I could only enjoy the view from a distance without being able to partake in the happy events that were on someone else’s grass. God taught me that He has blessings for all of us and that His grass is green everywhere and His blessings are everywhere. I started to look for those blessings. I had to look deep down inside and grow in the confidence that the Spirit of God was in me and I had all I needed. His Spirit revealed through his Word that God always has better and that we shouldn’t lose hope because the best is yet to come. We go from glory to glory with the Lord and not from misery to misery. Pain, physical or mental is just something very hard to deal with. However, as we walk with God we can have the blessed assurance that God has something better for us than that pain. When we let our eyes of faith show us that great things are on their way, the pain is more tolerable. God will replace the pain with healing. He will trade our sorrow for His gladness. He will change our mindset and give us new ideas and a new way of thinking. God has better for us and that is true for everything in our lives.

If you have been riding on a train of disaster and hurt, know that God has a new means of transportation for you. He wants you to embark on the faith train. His train keeps going through all kinds of weathers and all kinds of fields. It doesn’t stop. It goes straight to a better land. That is where you are headed with God. You are on your way to a better place, a better everything. That place is for you to enjoy here and now. It is not for later when you go home to be with the Lord. It is a destination that is not too far in time and not too far away. It is in the heart of faith and it will come when it’s God’s timing. The enemy doesn’t want you to have better than you have now so he is convincing you that you will never get off his train. First he grabbed your head and before you knew it your whole body was onboard ready to go to negativity land. This is not how the Lord wants you to live. He wants you to stay in the land of abundance. He wants you to enjoy your life hand in hand with Jesus because it is a life where everything is so much better. Keep your head up. God has better for you and He will make sure that you get it all and that your peace surpasses all understanding and that you remain in the joy that is your strength. Better is on the way in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:18; 1 Peter 4:13; 1 John 3:2

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