Amazing God

When I think about my life, when I think about where I am now, I am amazed. I am not amazed at what I have accomplished but I am amazed at God. I can’t believe how much He has done and how much He still does every day. Kudos to God! My life would be in shambles without Him. My life would be a lost cause without Him. They say that “you find God” but I feel like He found me. I was stuck in a rut, in a rut of bad luck and there seemed to be no way out. I went around and around looking for the exit sign but all I could find were stop signs. Those signs stopped me from making progress. They stopped me from finding freedom. They were red and white; red for pain and white for blank. There was a blank page in my life. There was nothing worth writing about. My future was blank and bleak. I had nothing to hold on to and nothing to hope for. Then Jesus found me. He came into the tower of perdition where I had been locked out and He found me. It took Him no effort to find me and to get me out. He heard my heart’s cry. He listened to the muffled tears and to the echo of my fears. My heart was filled with fears that resonated in the chamber of my spirit. Fear is what I knew growing up. Fear was attached to my ankles like a shackle I couldn’t get rid of. When Jesus came, amazement and awe came as well. A new peace I had never known settled in my heart and removed the chains that had bound me for so long. God is an amazing God and one of the amazing things about Him is that He doesn’t stop being amazing. Your God is amazing today and He will continue to amaze you tomorrow. Don’t become complacent. Recognize His amazing nature. God is going to amaze you in ways that you didn’t think were possible.

When I pray, I sometimes address God by saying “Amazing God.” I like to glorify Him and to give Him credit for all the good things in my life. My salvation, my life with Jesus are the best part of my life. He blessed me with a great family and with a life that sings His praises. I want my life to keep on singing how great and amazing He is. I think we can fall into the trap of being satisfied with the bare minimum when it comes to our relationship with God. We pray a little, we praise a little, we thank a little and we are content with the cycle of recognizing God a little. There is much more to be said about God than we’ll ever be able to so I strongly believe that we should declare how amazing He is as much as we can. Our thoughts should be heralding His majesty. Our words should be a melody that has only eyes for Jesus. Our actions should reflect our gratitude and our positive attitude toward the One who set us free. We were set free by the Son of God. How amazing is that?I I can’t get over it and I don’t want to get over it. Let’s stay in awe of the Lord. Let’s rejoice over Him and tell the world that our God is amazing and He is full of an amazing love for every single one of us. His love has no limits, no restrictions and no boundaries. God’s abundant love is what attracted me to Him and I will remain in His love. Our amazing God will never stop loving us and that should be enough for us to be amazed every day.

It is so easy for me to get frustrated or irritated when things go wrong. I was heading in that direction yesterday at work. I got to work early and I couldn’t get something to work properly. I felt the frustration trying to get ahold of me and to hold me down. Those negative feelings do just that. They hold us down and keep us down. They don’t help. Giving in to frustration is never productive. I knew what was happening and I didn’t like it but I kept dipping my toe in it. Then the Holy Spirit gave me the reminder I needed. He gently said “Thank God because He is always amazing.” He is. He is still amazing when things go wrong. He is still amazing when we are struggling. I decided to follow the Spirit and I told the frustration that my God is a God of love. I let His amazing love touch me and take me away from those terrible feelings. I gave in to God and He gave me the strength to overcome that negative feeling. God is so good and so amazing all the time. Life events will distract us and take us for a spin in places that don’t exalt the Lord. It is up to us to see God for who He is and to praise Him for being amazing. It is that sacrifice of praise that makes a difference when we are having a bad day. Friend, remember how amazing your God is. Bad days and good days don’t dictate how great God is. He is great and amazing constantly. Give Him all the glory. He is going to amaze you when you keep focusing on His goodness. Don’t let a bad day steal the beauty of your praise to the Lord. Glorify Him when things get hard. He is amazing. He will make things right for you. Stay in awe!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:17; Nehemiah 1:5; 2 Peter 1:17

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