Keep up with God

When I was praying yesterday morning, I received an important message that set the record straight in my mind and that gave me a lot of peace in my heart. As soon as I started praying, I heard deep down inside “Slow down:” The Lord showed me that I was going too fast in some areas of my life. I was overtaking God and going faster than His speed limit. I saw myself driving and overpassing the car that I was in. It looked strange at first but it made total sense. I am on this journey, on the road of life with God. We are in a car and He should be the driver. My job is to be in the passenger seat and to let Him take the wheel. When I saw myself overpassing the car we were in, I was shown what was happening too often in my life. I take the wheel. I put God in the passenger seat and sometimes even in the back seat and I do all the driving. I get lost. I take the wrong turn and I get stuck in traffic. I go way too fast and I have to go back and try to find my way. The Lord got my attention during prayer yesterday. He said, “Keep up with Me. Go at My pace. Let Me drive. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey and the scenery.”

I needed that message. I needed to hear that He should always be in control. I like to say it but in reality I take control and it never works out. Today I want to encourage you to “keep up with God.” Keeping up with God doesn’t mean to try to catch up to Him because He is far ahead of us. No, it means slowing down and letting Him show the way and be in control of our cars. He knows where we are going and He knows exactly how to get us there. Kick back and relax. Sit next to God and listen to what He has to say on the journey. Talk to Him. Have conversations with Him. He should be doing most of the talking. Listen to music that glorifies Him as you enjoy the journey. Sing praises. Lift Him up as He is driving you. Thank Him for driving. You don’t have to pay Him for gas. He paid the price for you on the cross so you could relax now and have an abundant life where He is the driver and you are the grateful passenger. Stay in your seat. Do what passengers do, meaning that you should trust the driver and be at peace.

Keeping up with God looks a lot different to Him than it does to us at first glance. God is patient. God is calm. He doesn’t want us to rush into things. He wants us to stay at His pace and to love where we are. He has put us where we are now for a reason and no matter where you are, remember that you are the passenger. Remember that God owns the speed limit and at times things will go faster than at other times and that’s ok. Most of the time when you pray for something, you have to stay on the local road for a while and be content with a lower speed. Sometimes you will have to go through back roads and stay off the highway for a while. That’s ok. God is in control and He wouldn’t take you through smaller roads if He didn’t know it was the best way to go. His GPS is never wrong. It is not broken and it is not faulty. Sit back. Look around. Stay in the moment. There is an amazing scenery around you and God wants your eyes to be open to it. When you stay in the present and you just enjoy God’s presence, you are keeping up with God. When you go so fast that you don’t even see what He has put in your life, you are overtaking God and you are putting yourself behind the wheel. Keep up with God’s peace. Keep up with God’s hope. Keep up with God’s love. Keep up with God. It doesn’t involve rushing, panicking and feeling like life should go faster. Stay in God’s lane. Keep the faith. God is your driver. Be the respectful and thankful passenger you were meant to be. Let Jesus take the wheel!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 19:21; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Ephesians 1:11

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