10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 158)

Jesus shouldn’t be your “just in case” resort. He should be the case. He should always be the reason. He should always be your first resort because He can plead your case and make you win for the best reasons.

Sometimes you have to walk back to peace. You have to take the necessary steps to go back to God’s serenity. Retrace your steps with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will remind you how to go back to the place where His love is dominant and His joy is your strength.

God can help you. He is more than qualified to help you. He has the ability and the power to do it. He has the right heart and the right mind to help. He helps intentionally and wholeheartedly. He loves you. He will never let you down!

Learn to rejoice in the Lord when nothing is happening. Learn to rejoice in the Lord when there is no reason to rejoice. Learn to rejoice in the Lord just because He is God!

Stay calm and know that God is still God. Today He is holding you the way He held you yesterday and the way He will hold you tomorrow. Tap into His peace and you will be able to face anything today and any day!

You can only stand on holy ground if you stand on Jesus. Standing on other deities is like standing on sinking sand. Find your stability in Jesus and will even walk on water.

The one who walks around with God’s peace in his mind, Jesus’ love in his heart and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom by his side will never fail.

You are the vessel that the Lord can fill so you can help people navigate through the oceans of misery and pain. You can be the anchor that people need. Let God fill you up!

There is a lot more coming your way from Heaven than the hell you have been going through. Your visit in the land of the opposition was temporary. Heaven is your final destination. Jesus will get you there with many previews here on earth.

Love will get you out of trouble again. Love will win again. Love will show up again. Love will reign again. Don’t give up. Jesus’ love never fails!

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Job 5:15-16; Mark 9:23

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