Meeting God every day

One of the churches I went to as a teenager emphasized how we should experience God through His Word. They said that the Word of God gave us a good idea of what it was like to know God and to experience Him. I loved that and I truly believe that. However, they didn’t believe that we should pay too much attention to knowing God on a personal level. God was His Word and we can know Him better through the Word and not in a relationship with Him. It made God an impersonal God. I didn’t like that idea. I had no peace when it came to knowing God because their beliefs were limited. I was confused and I didn’t know what to believe. To me it felt like God existed a long time ago and now we can only know Him through his Word. His Word is divine and it is above everything else but it comes with a personal connection. God’s Word can connect with us or we can connect with His Word. Since God is His Word, we can connect to God by interacting with His Word. Does this mean that outside of the pages of the Bible there is no God? Absolutely not! When we enter the realm of God through His Word, we become more intimate with Him. Over 15 years ago I made up my mind and decided that I would get to know God one on one. I loved His Word and I respected it and it is because of that respect that I longed to know God on a personal level. The Word of God doesn’t end with the last page. It extends into our lives. It is alive and it comes to life. We have to interact with God. Today I want to encourage you to experience God by meeting Him. Know Him in His Word and beyond the pages of His Word. His Word is alive and it can be alive in you when you get close to God.

To experience means to come across, to encounter, to run into, to meet or to come against or to face. Isn’t experiencing God what we should long for? I am not talking about an experience here and there. I am talking about God being how we experience life. God being the experience of our lives so that when we look back, we can say that we met God, that we encountered Him daily and we spent time with Him all the time. Experiencing God goes beyond hearing about Him and hoping we get to see Him. It is having a daily interaction with Him. One interaction that doesn’t stop. Day and night we experience God. Day and night we are in God. It means stepping out of the world’s logic and sitting in the Lord’s mind, sharing it and embracing it. We experience life every day. We can experience God every day. It has to be intentional and we have to be open to it. I make it a point to “meet God” every single day, a few times a day. I want to experience what He wants me to experience and what He wants me to have is a relationship with Him that is deeper and stronger than any other relationships in my life. That is when I can say that I experience God all the time. When that connection is so profound that I walk with Him without interruption. Do you want to meet God when it’s convenient for me or when it is best for Him? God has His own agenda and following it and the best thing we can do. It is a great way to meet Him. It comes with surrender and with an open heart.

I meet people all the time through work. I enjoy their company but there is no one I meet over and over again and I can have a great and uplifting relationship with. That is what I have with God. I meet Him, I encounter Him and it is invigorating every time. I don’t have to make an appointment with God. He is just there. I used to think that I had to go through some type of ritual to connect with God. It is not true. God is there and you and I can experience Him any time. We don’t have to say a complicated prayer. All we have to do is approach Him with faith and with the confidence that He is always there. God cares and He will never make it hard for us to reach Him. Therefore, we can meet Him any time. No need to stand in line. No need to dial a specific number that links us up to Heaven. Our hearts are where the communication starts and it won’t stop unless we make it stop. Those daily encounters with God are phenomenal and we shouldn’t do anything to quench them. My prayer is that you meet God every day and that you don’t make it a complicated deed. Go to Him simply. He is God. He is present and He listens. Enjoy your time with God and remember; it is one experience, one interaction that keeps going all the time!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 9:23-24; Romans 12:2; James 1:22-25

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