Stay calm and know that He is God

I have a prayer room in my house. It’s a loft that is on the top floor. It is very peaceful. When you go up there, you quickly realize that peace is loud and noise is quiet. Anyone who has been there has commented on how quiet and serene it is up there. Yesterday I went up for an afternoon prayer. I felt led to just be in that space and wait on the Lord. I didn’t ask for anything. I didn’t say a word. I sat there and meditated on the Lord. I did it for 10 minutes and that was all I needed. I came out of prayer refreshed and calm. The whole time I was sitting there I heard deep down inside “Stay calm and know that I am God.” The Bible tells us to be still and know that He is God. I had to stay calm yesterday which meant that I was already calm but something could come and steal that calmness. I had to stay calm for the rest of the day. Why does God want us to be still or to stay calm? It is hard to hear Him when we are upset and frustrated. It is hard to listen to His voice when there is too much noise in our heads. It is hard to appreciate Him when we are chaotic inside and we are restless. God is a calm God. He is always at peace. There is no turmoil in Him. There is no internal earthquake or mental distress in Him. He is even keeled and His peace is constant. Nothing can make Him lose His cool. Nothing can disrupt His peace and what He wants to do is impart His peace so that you and I can be in the same mind space and in the same sphere of tranquility. Do you need peace today? Do you need to be in a space of serenity? Go to the Lord in prayer and receive His peace.

It goes without saying that when we are not calm and we are not still it is not easy to know that He is God. We don’t lose our faith but we suffer from memory loss, if you will. Chaos and stress can make us forget how great and wonderful the Lord is. That is the reason why the enemy wants our lives to be busy and chaotic so we forget about the peace and the serenity of the Lord and we don’t think about His majesty. We slip into panic mode or stress mode. The busier the better according to the enemy because he knows that busyness takes us away from godliness. We can lose our temper and we can lose touch with God. We need to make time for God and to give Him a portion of our schedule. Spending time away from God can increase the stress in our lives. It can push us toward a reality where God is minimized and worry is maximized. The peace of the Lord is a precious weapon and if we don’t use it, if we don’t hold on to it, we can find ourselves in spiritual trouble. I encourage you to always invite peace into your life and to spend time with peace. Nurture it. Embrace it and share it. The peace of God in you can have a great impact on people around you. Feed the peace of the Lord in you and you will starve the worry and stress that are trying to get the best of you.

When Jesus spoke against the storm, He told it to be calm. He said, “Quiet. Be still!” Now, if a storm is brewing inside you, know that Jesus still has authority over that storm. When you turn to Him in the middle of the storm, He will first tell you to be calm. He knows you have the ability to be calm because He is in you. Find the peace that is in your heart. God would never give you peace if you couldn’t use it. Tap into the peace of Jesus. Step away from the world and go to a quiet place where you can hear the Lord better. Fix your eyes on His peace. Let it bubble up and come to the surface. The peace of the Lord in you will rise up and quiet that storm. If the storm of confusion and fear is still strong, speak against it in the name of Jesus. Do it a few times. Thank God for peace. Your storm is not going to last. It can’t resist the name of the Lord. There is an ocean of peace in you that can drown the voices of the enemy. This storm is about to take a seat and be quiet. Stay calm and know that He is God. He can calm the worst storms and bring peace again. May the Lord’s peace be with you in the middle of the storm.

Suggested reading: Psalm 94:19; Mark 4:35-41; John 14:27

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