Kick worry out of your life

Worry is a thief. It steals your joy, your peace and the makings of your faith. Worry is a liar. It tells you that things will never get better and that you are trapped forever. We all deal with worry. We all deal with that thief and that liar. It abuses us and it attacks us. It finds a nest in our minds and it sits there tormenting us with lies and distress. Overthinking is worry’s super power. If we let it take roots in us and give it an audience, it will rule over our thinking and keep worry in the center of our lives. I hate worry just like anyone else and I fight it and rebuke it. One thing I found is that with the Lord worry goes away. When I spend time in communion with the Lord and I am in that heavenly space, worry is not present. It is never invited and it can’t crash the Holy Ghost parties I have when I worship the Lord. There is something about praise and worship that worry can’t stand. Worry actually worries when we praise and exalt the Lord because it knows it is defeated. Worry and all agents of the enemy were conquered on the cross of Calvary. When we lift up the Lord, we lift the Mighty Conqueror that worry is afraid of. Praise and worship remind worry that the Lord won. It is like putting bad memories in the face of worry and it has to flee. Today I am inviting you to give worry the boot. Kick it out of your mind. Guard your heart and don’t let it in. Remind worry daily that it has been vanquished. Lift up Jesus and worry will break down and cry itself away from you. Kick worry out of your life in the name of Jesus.

Kicking worry out of your life is not going to be a one time thing. It is going to happen when you do it on a regular basis. Put God’s shield of protection around you and it will be harder for worry to seep in. How do you put the shield of protection around you? His protection is in His Word. The Word of God has a whole lot to say about worry. The Word tells us not to worry but to fix our eyes on the Lord. You will put that barrier of protection around your mind if you meditate on the Word daily. Not once a week. Not just on Sunday. This has to take place daily. I suggest you find verses that give you a boost and that help you resist worry. Keep those verses handy and read them every day. Read them silently to yourself and out loud. Include them into your prayers. Be diligent. Worry is resilient but the weapon of the Word of God is much more powerful. Kick worry in the chin with the Scriptures. Attack worry with faith. Your faith should be founded on the Word of God and on Jesus. Bring Jesus to the forefront of your mind and of your heart every day and you will see how worry shrivels and leaves you alone.

Putting Jesus to the forefront of your heart can be achieved through consistent prayer, praise, thanksgiving and the power of your testimony. Pray every day. Pray and thank the Lord for His goodness. Praise and worship Him. I can’t say that enough. There is true tangible power in praise. Praise is a song that declares that Jesus is King and that no one is above Him. Praise is an attitude that shows that Jesus rules your life and that there is no room for negativity. Praise is a chain of thoughts that focus on Jesus and that center you in a circle of positivity. Praise is an action that mirrors Jesus’ love and that reflects His power over the forces of darkness. Keep Jesus at the center. Give Him free reign in your life. Surrender to His Spirit. Yield to His majesty and worry will not be able to stick around. Every time worry knocks, let Jesus get the door for you. When you speak his Word and you worship Him, you are making Jesus the guardian of your door. He tells worry, “This is My child and you can’t touch him or her.” Jesus is caring and He will watch your door when you have faith in Him. Faith and worry don’t mix. Let your faith be like the oil of the Holy Spirit that doesn’t mix with the troubled waters of worry. Talk about Jesus and let the power of your testimony crush worry. You can do this! Jesus is your Savior and He killed worry on the cross. Now it’s your turn to remind worry that it is dead to you. Rejoice over the Lord and stay in peace. Worry has no power over the Lord. The Lord reigns and He is supreme. His mercies endure forever! Kick worry out of your life and enjoy God’s mercies and love. Don’t let worry steal from you and lie to you!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; Colossians 3:15; 1 Peter 5:7

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