Without Jesus

Without Jesus, I am nothing. There is no way around it. Without Jesus, I can’t go forward and I can’t walk. I can try. I can push myself but I will never push myself in the right direction without Him. I will keep bumping into walls and getting myself in trouble. Without Jesus, I have no safety net. I have no sense of security and no sense of protection. I get lost easily and I have a hard time finding my way back home. Jesus is home. Jesus is the head of my home. Without Him I have no house and I have a fragmented family. Jesus keeps my house nice and warm and He gives meaning to my life.  Without Jesus I go from place to place and search for happiness in all the wrong places. I attach myself to the wrong purpose and the wrong life goals. Without Jesus, I make my own goals and they rarely include God. Without Jesus I can’t get to God. I find ways to reach spiritual ecstasy but they are void of God’s love and they get his stamp of approval. Thank God I am not without Jesus. Where would I be if I didn’t have Jesus today? I would be nowhere, doing nothing. Without Jesus, I am not complete.

I am saved and Jesus is my Savior so I have Jesus in my life but there are moments when I am without Jesus. Those moments are the worst parts of my day. They seem ok at first but they are just an illusion. There is no peace without Jesus and I am working on keeping myself from slipping into the moments when there is no Jesus. He is there all the time but I am not available all the time. I don’t meet Him all the time. However, He meets me. He meets me wherever I am and He brings me back home. He would leave the 99 to come and get me. He knows where I am all the time and He doesn’t hate me for going astray. Without Him, I have low self-esteem but with Him, I see the beauty that hides under the ashes. Having Jesus in your life is the most amazing and the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you. I pray that you have Jesus today. I pray that He is in your life and that you steer clear of those grey moments without Him. I pray that the eyes of your understanding are wide open and that they show you that life without Jesus is not the life you deserve. Jesus is the life you deserve. He is the abundant life that was promised to you and He should be your number One priority at every waking moment.

Be alert and be diligent. Be aware that stepping out of the realm where you know that Jesus is everything can be dangerous. When we replace Jesus with idols, anything can be an idol, we end up in dire straits. We pay more attention to entities that are not there to give us fullness and breath. It is hard to breathe when you don’t have Jesus and you follow ideas, people and things that are not the ones who give you life. Without Jesus, the air is oppressive and you can’t breathe properly. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I started following Him with my heart and not just with my head, I could finally breathe. I felt good physically and spiritually. I had a rebirth. I was given a second chance. I had life and it was abundant. It is that life that I am exploring and that I am enjoying and Jesus is my companion on that journey. He is there when I turn left or when I turn right. He is present and I make sure that I am present as well so I can meet Him and converse with Him as much as I can. Without Jesus the goodness in me is censored. Without Him, peace is compressed. Without Him, joy is limited. I am staying with Jesus. Where Jesus is, that’s where I want to be. Where Jesus is that’s where my heart is hanging out. Stay with Jesus all day. Don’t let your heart depart from His presence and from His love. Acknowledge Him in all your ways. Let Him be first all the time. With Jesus, life is more than doable. It is delectable and it is more than manageable. Enjoy this wonderful life with Jesus!

Suggested reading: John 14:6; John 15:5; Galatians 2:20

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