God’s bag of tricks

The enemy has a bag of tricks filled with chaos, confusion, lies, schemes, negativity, doubt, pain and destruction. He unloads his bag everywhere creating havoc and separating people from God and from their destiny with the Lord. Now, God has a bag of tricks that contains one thing; His Word. All the promises in His Word are enough. They are enough for everything we will ever encounter. They are enough to counter the bag of tricks of the enemy. His bag is light and yet it is powerful. It is full of love and hope. You can take His bag with you wherever you go. The more time you spend in the Word of God, the more familiar you are with the bag of tricks. It is not a bag that weighs on your heart. It is a bag that alleviates the weight the enemy puts on your heart every time he takes something out of his bag. The enemy is tricky but the Lord is wiser. There is a solution to every trick, hope for every doubt and peace for every worry. Who knows what the enemy is going to drop on you today? Who knows what is going to fall off his bag and land on your lap?! It doesn’t matter because God’s bag of tricks can absorb all the negativity of the enemy and make things right again. Today I am inviting you to hold on to God’s bag. Spend time with it. Don’t let go of it. Use it as your number one weapon. God has a bag of tricks and it is meant for you and me so we can overcome this uncertain world and all the lies of the enemy.

A trick is a cunning and skilful act intended to deceive someone. God doesn’t deceive people but His bag has all the acts we need to deceive the enemy. You see, when you follow God and you pay attention to His Word, you react more like God. When something happens, you have a “God reflex.” Those reflexes are what messes up the enemy. Those reflexes are tricks that confuse the enemy. Imagine you get some bad news. The enemy will expect you to fret, to panic and to lose your cool. When you know how you should react based on God’s bag of tricks, you stay collected and calm. Instead of cursing life, you uplift the Lord. Instead of panicking, you praise the Lord for His peace. Instead of getting mad, you walk in love. All these acts, all these reactions are counter-intuitive but if you keep close to the bag of the Lord, they become natural. They are the best defenses you can have. They are the reactions that make sense to God. His wisdom is foolishness to the world and it is nonsense to the enemy. God’s bag of tricks is meant to destroy what is trying to destroy you and that includes the hate and the anger the enemy would love for you to have when things go wrong. Explore God’s bag and you will learn a better way to live. Inspect the content of His bag and you will find treasures that will empower you and that will strengthen your faith. God’s Word is the best blueprint for faith.

If you are experiencing frustration, anger, sadness, confusion and other negative feelings and emotions, consider that you are under the yoke of the bag of tricks of the enemy. All those emotions happen easily but they shouldn’t be your final destination. When you are frustrated, you are not where God wants you to be so rebuke that feeling. Rebuke anything and everything that is negative in your life. Don’t let negativity fester or take over your life. Push is out in Jesus’ name. Reverse it with God’s Word. Speak against it and talk it out of your life. Confess that your Savior has a remedy for the blues and a cure for the broken heart. Confess that greater is the One who lives in you than the devil and his bag of tricks. Confess that this is not the end and that God decides how you are going to feel and how victorious you are going to come out of this. Speak the Word over your feelings. Speak the Word over those lies. Read the Word and apply the Word. That is a very amazing trick, if you will. Being a doer of the Word will trick those negative feelings and kick them out of your system. Love is what conquers all and the Word of God is the ultimate book about the Love that came and changed the world. Keep walking in love no matter what. It will help you win against the tricks of the enemy and it will keep you in God’s will. God has a bag of tricks that will always guide you through the maze of the tricks of the enemy. God is on your side. You will get through anything with Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Matthew 24:35; John 6:63

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