Giving Jesus to people

If you believe in God, you know that He is a giver. He gave His Son for us. What an incredible sacrifice! God gives all the time. He gives love. He gives peace. He gives joy. He gives hope. He gives restoration. He gives comfort. He gives protection. He gives blessings. He gives without limit. He is the number One giver in the universe. The enemy is the opposite. He takes. He takes and He steals. The only things he gives are negative and detrimental. He doesn’t give anything that will ever build you up and that will ever encourage you. He imitates God by pretending to offer good things at a cost. He gives headaches. He gives pain. He gives suffering. He gives destruction. He gives doubt. He gives fear. It’s easy to get things from the enemy because our world is so negatively programmed and charged. Hate, discrimination and hurt are widespread and they take no effort. Frowns and angry faces can be seen all over the place. It is sometimes harder to see a smile and to see encouragement on someone’s face. However, if you seek the Lord’s face, if you see His face, you will see love, encouragement and hope. That is what this world needs the most. People need to receive what the Lord has to give. You and I can be agents of change that supply God’s love to this frowning and frightened world.

The other day I was in an office for an appointment and everyone I interacted with had a blank stare and seemed lost in their thoughts. It was as if a light needed to be turned on. We all had masks on so it was hard to see the whole faces but you could get a sense of lack, of need and of want. They wanted hope and they wanted a warm smile. I felt led to exaggerate my smile so they could feel it through my mask. The Lord guided me and prompted me to give a piece of Him to each person I talked to. This implied making my “Hello, how are you today?” loud and clear and saying something nice and positive to each person. It can be challenging but with the help of the Spirit encouraging words can flow out of you and that is what happened. I made sure I told them that things might be bleak now but we should keep our hopes up. I had a long conversation with a nurse and I made sure I gave her all the Jesus I could give her then. She told me about her life and opened up very quickly. I had never met her before but she needed to be heard and to be comforted. I encouraged her to keep doing what she is doing because she makes such a difference in this world. You could have thought I had told her she had won the lottery. She got very excited and she couldn’t stop saying thank you. Giving Jesus to people can be as simple as listening to them and communicating the love the Lord is putting in our hearts.

No one is perfect and transmitting Jesus to others will not always be a perfect act but it is always a beautiful endeavor and it is never a hopeless attempt. When you give Jesus to others, you are imitating God in a great way because like I said, He is the number One giver. Find out in the Bible how Jesus gives. Find out more about His character and learn more about His heart. His heart is bigger than the world and from it come rivers of blessings and peace. Giving Jesus to people is giving them peace and giving them hope. It’s encouraging them and comforting them. It is pointing them in the right direction, in the God direction. People are craving love. People are craving good news and the good news of the Gospel is still relevant today. Covid has taken center stage in many lives and has dethroned the Lord. It is an evil that can’t be ignored but Jesus is still Jesus and He deserves to be left on the throne where He belongs and where He still is in all reality. You and I have hope in our spirits and that hope is a gift we can distribute wherever we go. “Give Jesus” to someone today. Give love. Give attention. Give hope. Give encouragement. Give a smile through your mask and people will see the Lord that’s in your heart.

Suggested reading: Psalm 71:15-18; Luke 8:39; 1 John 5:11

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