Heaven has a place on earth

I once heard someone describing his life as a living hell. He was going through some very tough times and there didn’t seem to be any relief in sight. When you talk about your life as a living hell you have reached rock bottom and there is no fiber of hope in you. I felt bad for that man. I found the description very strong and I felt the weight of his misery. I understand that there are times when life is cruel and it torments us. I used to think that there would be peace only in Heaven and while we are here we have to take the bad for what it is and try to survive that living hell. Jesus came to earth to save us and to bring Heaven to earth. Think about it. The world was doomed but His sacrifice opened the door to Heaven for anyone who would believe. His coming here was a major collision between Heaven and earth and that collision still exists. Our salvation is still relevant today and Jesus is definitely relevant. He is present, He is good, He is God, He is loving, caring and saving. He is the King of Heaven and He brings Heaven with Him. Jesus is on your side and by your side, friend. If your life is a living hell, know that Heaven has a place on earth now. Heaven is going to collide with the hell you are going through and it will settle down where you are. Expect things to change. Expect the doors of Heaven to open wide and to take you out of that hell.

I have experienced many Heaven collision types of events and they keep happening. I have gone through hellish times where I had no way out but the Lord intervened and Heaven prevailed. You see, that is the key. Heaven will prevail. Jesus always prevails. When you are having a horrible time, turn to Heaven. Turn to Jesus, the One who can stop that hell and put you back where you belong. You are a citizen of Heaven. You are a legal resident of Heaven so when hell is trying to surround you, tell the enemy to back off. When the enemy drags you into hellish territories, rebuke him and tell him your passport to hell expired. Bad things might be happening and they will but it doesn’t mean that you are going to stay in those bad areas of life. The Kingdom of God is your permanent habitation and you can claim your rights to a Kingdom intervention. Call upon the Lord. Pray and get out of the land of desperation. Go back to the land of freedom where Jesus is king, peace reigns and love prevails.

The last time I was in hot waters and my life felt like hell, it took me some time before I realized that I was letting myself travel to the wrong destination. I didn’t have to accept the stamp of the enemy in my passport. His visa was illegally placed there. I turned to the One who knows that I am not supposed to be roasted by the enemy. I claimed my heavenly rights and I declared that Jesus was my Savior and that He would get me out of that hell. I refused to give my circumstances more power than they should have. Things looked bad but they didn’t change Heaven. Heaven will go on whether life is good or bad so I decided to cling on to Heaven and join the choir of the angels that are praising the Lord 24/7. I put an end to the ban from Heaven. The enemy has no right to pull us into his dire straits. Today I want to encourage you to let Heaven collide with your hell by declaring that Jesus is victorious and that He is getting you back into His promised land. Nothing can stop the Lord from blessing you and from bringing Heaven to you in the middle of your day in hell. Heaven has a place here on earth and here in your life. Claim it, believe it and thank God for it!

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:12; John 14:2; Revelation 4:2

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