God has felt your pain

Yesterday I had one of those sinus headaches that makes you want to stay home and do nothing. After running some errands in the morning, I decided to rest and do whatever it took to feel better. It was kind of a dreary and gloomy day. I fixed myself a small lunch and as I was sitting in my kitchen, a ray of sunshine came through the window and brought a smile on my face. I saw it as a smile and a wink from the Lord who was telling me that everything was fine. Sometimes you need the reminder that there is hope beyond the clouds and that your present-day suffering can’t be compared to the joy that is coming. The headache was trying to get the best of me but I refused to let it steal my joy. I got into praise mode. I stood in my living room with my hands to Heaven thanking the Lord. I thanked Him that He had a way out of this pain. I thanked Him that despite the headache I could still praise Him. Then I was taken to this beautiful path strewn with encouraging and uplifting messages. The main message was about Jesus’ suffering. When He was on the cross, He suffered more pain than anyone has ever experienced. Being nailed to a cross must be excruciating and horrible but His pain was even more than that. He felt the pain of the world. He felt the suffering, the hurt, the despair, death and destruction. He went through the worst pain that the whole world combined could go through. He felt it all. He saw it all. He suffered it all. My headache was felt on that cross. My most debilitating trials were on that cross. My worst days and my biggest nightmares were on that cross. My failures, my sins, my shortcomings were all gathered at that cross and He carried them all for me.

Today I want to remind you that Jesus died for you on the cross and whatever you are going through now is no surprise to Him. He knows exactly what you are experiencing and what it all feels like. You might be in a place of tremendous pain but Jesus was there before you. He saw you on that cross. He saw your tears, He saw the hurt and He heard your cry. He didn’t turn a deaf ear to your pain. He didn’t ignore your tears. He didn’t reject the taste of your fears. He took everything upon Himself so that you would be set free. If your mind is telling you that there is no end to your ordeal, don’t believe it. It ended on the cross and you will get through this. Jesus knows how to bring you back to life so to speak. That stone that was put in front of His tomb could not stop Him from raising from the dead. You might have a huge stone keeping you inside a grave of hopelessness but Jesus was in that grave before and He removed that stone. Your stone is not stronger than your Savior. Watch Him remove it and put it aside. Watch Him open the door to miracles. Watch Him heal the pain and soothe the bruises. Life might have bruised your soul and your spirit but Jesus has the remedy to life’s biggest challenges. His love that took Him to the cross is going to take you to a place where there is no pain and no affliction.

God has felt your pain. No matter what it looks like and feels like, He has dealt with it for you. Give it to Him. Tell Him that you can’t make it without Him. Put that pain back on the cross. Let Him handle it for you. He will come to the rescue and He will dissolve the problems that have been haunting you. Jesus is pain-free today and He can make your pain go away. Focus on Him. Don’t dwell on the pain. As I was praising Him yesterday, I made it a point to lift Him up above what I was feeling. It led to a praise session that left me in awe of His majesty and His love for me. The headache faded away but the memory of Him on the cross stayed with me. I will keep that reminder and revive it every day. The Lord deserves our utmost gratitude and adoration. The humble King came down to our level and lived our worst moments so that we would be saved from them if we believe in Him. Keep believing that your suffering won’t last. Keep putting it in God’s hands and keep thanking Him for taking care of the pain. God has felt your pain and He is trading it for His peace and His joy. This won’t last forever. Relief is on the way. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading:  Romans 8:18; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18; 1 Peter 1:5-7

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