10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 155)

Be a giver. Be a giver of love. A giver of peace. A giver of hope. A giver of joy. A giver of faith. A giver of forgiveness. A giver of strength. A giver of encouragement. A giver of wisdom. A giver of light. A giver of truth. Be a giver of Jesus!

Start your day with peace. Start your day with prayer. Peace can squeeze fear out of your throughout the day if you start the day with prayer and thank the Lord in advance for the peace He has given you to face anything that will happen that day.

No one and nothing can stop God from loving you. Not even your wildest thoughts. Not even the opposition. God will love you forever and that is how it is going to be!

Fill your heart with hope. Fill your heart with encouragement. Fill your heart with the Word of God. Fill your heart with motivation. Fill your heart with Jesus. Fill your heart with praise. Fill your heart with faith.

A change is coming to you. Changes will always happen in your life. Trust that God is going to bring a positive change in your life. With Him you go from glory to glory. Stay hopeful!

You are not being patient in vain. God has not forgotten about you. What you have been waiting for is coming. Hang on a little longer. With God it’s always worth the wait!

Worry is the number one killer of the Christian faith. Banish it in your life. Don’t let it grow and don’t let it develop. Don’t give it an audience and don’t give it power.

Let Jesus in you be bigger than fear. Let Jesus in you be stronger than the negative thoughts. Let Jesus in you be Jesus despite the enemy in this world.

Hope is a safe place to be. Stay where hope is. Build your house there. Grow roots in the place of hope and nothing will be able to derail you.

God’s love will wreck your low self-esteem and show you your true value and worth. It will put the mirror of truth in front of you and reveal the beauty within. Let God’s love open your eyes to His reality.

Suggested reading: Psalm 22:1; Psalm 32:8; 1 Peter 5:6-7


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