Jesus can make your day so much better

Jesus makes every day so much better. His sacrifice on the cross bought us a new life and it is just amazing how much better life is with Him. Every day is a new day with Him. Every morning new mercies are available. Every day there is hope and there are many possibilities. You just never know what the Lord will do on any given day but you can expect that it’s going to be good. When we get on the same page and we expect His goodness to pour down every day, we are in for a wonderful surprise. Yesterday might have been difficult but even on that difficult day we had Jesus. Today is a new day and you can rely on God’s goodness for things to get better. If your life is not where you think it should be, keep in mind that the Lord will make it better. You have Jesus in your life, what could be better than that? Capitalize on Him. Focus on that relationship. Don’t dive into the ocean of lack and shortcomings. The more you look at what you don’t have and what you wish you had, the more you will miss out on who Jesus is. He is way above the best things this world has to offer. He is the King of kings who reigns in Heaven and earth. The enemy might be the prince of this world for now but that doesn’t nullify Jesus’ supremacy. He can make things extremely good in your life. Keep that thought in the middle of your heart and stay encouraged. You have seen nothing yet.

I sometimes think about how Jesus walked on water. He did what no one else could do. He demonstrated that He was the son of God and that nothing was impossible to Him. Try and walk on water and you will see how powerful the Lord is. It seems totally impossible and yet He did it with ease. Nothing could stop Him. He walked on the lake in front of His disciples as if it were a normal thing to do.  He can do anything He wants and in His goodness, He invited His disciples to join Him and walk on water. It is His invitation that made it possible and as long as Peter had his eyes on the Lord, he was able to walk. Today Jesus is inviting you to walk on water with Him and to do the impossible. Not in your own power but in His power. Your day could be a messy and rocky sea but Jesus is not looking at the storms that are crippling your life. He is giving you a hand and inviting you to walk with Him and to ignore the storms today. He can make your day so much better if you listen to Him, walk toward Him and keep your eyes on Him. He is bigger and stronger than the storm. Your day is going to get so much better when you accept the Lord’s invitation to walk with Him on what seems impossible. Things are going to get so much better with Him walking with you. Trust Him. He makes life so much better and your day is going to be very good.

Take a minute and think about the Lord. He is a beacon of hope, of love, of peace and of joy. Right now if your day is not that great, you are moving around in the dark. Invite the beacon of hope to come into your day and to mess up the darkness. Invite Him to interrupt what’s causing you to have a bad day. Call upon Him and let Him ruin what’s ruining you. He is going to turn things around and make today a day to remember. Jesus is going to turn on His light and your suffering, your despair and your fears are going to fade away. The beacon of love is going to create a path for great things to happen today. Stay strong. With God things can only get better. The moment you pray to the Lord, the moment you cry for help, He comes to the rescue. He  has already intervened. He has set things in motion for your day to get better. Don’t look at how things are now and think they will never change. Look at what God promises in His Word and expect things to change. Trust Him. His goodness is everlasting and it is going to impact your day in a big way. Things might be far from perfect right now but Jesus can make your day so much better and He will!

Suggested reading: Matthew 14:22-33; John 3:16; John 16:33


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