God is smiling when the world is frowning

Do you ever feel like the world is frowning at you? Do you ever feel like the world doesn’t want to smile at you and is rejecting you? Do you ever feel like life is mad at you and pushes the world to frown at you? With everything that’s been happening from the pandemic to the political unrest and the discrimination that is rampant, it’s easy to see the world as a big face that is depriving us of its smile. There have been times when I felt like life and the world were buddies that had decided to throw punches at me. It was one thing after another and I know that many people feel that way. It can be very demoralizing and depressing but the good news is that it doesn’t matter if the world is frowning at you because God is always smiling at you. During your worst seasons and during your worst moments, God still has a smile on His face and He is on your side. 

God is not laughing at you but He is smiling at you, inviting you to go into His safe zone. He is inviting you to go closer to Him where you will find comfort, warmth and hope. His smile is like the sun. His smile is a light that brings joy and peace. His smile is like a consuming fire that burns the frown and the rejection from the world. God is smiling at you right now. Focus on His smile. Focus on His love. Disregard what the world is doing to try to bring you down. Jesus conquered the world so that frown from the world will be turned upside down and you will see that God is smiling and the world can’t do anything about it. God is a good God and He is good all the time. The world can be a tough place to be but you are not there alone. Your smiling Lord is by your side and He will make sure that you smile again.

I remember a time when I felt like everyone was against me. It was all in my head. The enemy was pushing the wrong ideas into my mind to make me believe that I was not liked and that no one was on my side. It didn’t last long but it had a strong impact on me. I wanted to be loved and accepted but all I was getting was rejection. The world’s rejection was actually God’s redirection and it took me a while to understand that. I lost a few friends and at the time I got discouraged. Why did they not want to be friends anymore? Was it because of my beliefs? Was it something I had done? I couldn’t think of anything. Their actions were like a major frown from the world and it left me confused. Then I found out that I was better off without those people in my life. They were mad but the Lord was rejoicing over me. He was smiling and He was caring and that’s all that mattered. God is constantly smiling.

 We sometimes picture God as a stern God who is always judging us and yelling at us. He is the opposite. He is the essence of love and care. He invented love. Do you ever think about that? God created love. He knows all about it and He is all about it. Know that God is not mad at you. When something bad happens to you, it’s not because God is punishing you. He adores you. He died for you. That is the biggest demonstration of love. You mean the world to the One who made the world and your place in this world is important to Him. He is smiling. Start seeing Him that way. Forget about the irate God and welcome the truth about His smiling face that is shining upon you now.

There is a smile that can cover all your problems, all your pain, all your insecurities and all your fears and that smile comes from the Lord. Keep His smile at the forefront of your thoughts. Don’t dwell on the rejection and don’t dwell on the pain. It is not easy. I understand that but I also understand that the One who is smiling at you is way bigger than the one who is making faces at you in an attempt to hurt you. Embrace the smile of the Lord. He is smiling and He is giving you His hand so you can come out of this feeling of rejection and deception. It is the enemy’s deception. He will try to put the wrong ideas in your head so he can reach your heart and do as much damage as he can to your spirit. 

Not everyone will love you and accept you. That is a fact but remember that the Lord will always welcome you, care for you and hold you. He has you in the palm of His hand and He is not going to let you down. You can count on Him all the time. Hold on to His love. Smile back at Him and declare that He is your refuge who will never reject you. You are worth smiling at and God knows that so well. Smile back at Him every day. Rejoice over Him every day. God is smiling when the world is frowning. Never forget that!

Suggested reading: Zephania 3:17; John 15:9; Romans 5:8

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