Choose your words wisely

I like how in my Bible the words spoken by Jesus are in red. It highlights the importance of what He said and it makes His words really stand out. His words have power and they were carefully chosen. He used a lot of parables that have very deep meanings but I also find that His more simple words are also loaded with significance and with power. His words are alive and every time I read them I get a boost. I used to not read His words enough. I used to rely on what I remembered they were but my memory didn’t pay His actual words justice. I strongly recommend reading the Word of God daily and soaking in the words of Jesus. One thing that I have learned from reading His words is that we as well should choose our words wisely. Words carry weight. It can be dead weight, negative weight or positive weight. The dead weight is found in neutral words. Words that don’t convey a lot of meaning. I call them idle words. They won’t change your world for the better or for the worse. The words with negative weight are any words of discouragement, pain, fear, doubt, failure, doom, hate, destruction, manipulation, complaints, gossip, slandering. They are any negative words that you can think of. Then there are the positive words. Those words build people up, encourage, bless, show love, protect, motivate, spread joy, invite peace and give peace. Those words are the ones we should be using all the time. Today I want to encourage you to join me on a quest to end the supremacy of negative words in our lives and to choose our words wisely so that the positivity of the Lord is what comes out of our mouths.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” (Proverbs 18:1) When I first became a Christian, the book of Proverbs is what I read the most. I love the wisdom that I found in that book and I meditated a lot on all that amazing knowledge. I was introduced to the idea of the power of the tongue during that time. It made sense. When I accepted Jesus into my life, I said it. My acceptance was materialized through words. I also remembered that God spoke and the world was created so words seemed to matter a lot. As a young Christian my words didn’t change overnight. The Holy Spirit in me was a good influence but my mind had the best of me. I spoke negative words because I trusted my thoughts more than my spirit. My spirit wanted to be all about Jesus but my mind was drenched in negativity and pessimism. Because I spoke negative words, I reaped a harvest of negativity. The negative thoughts turned into negative words that turned into negative actions that led to a life of frustration and spiritual chaos. I kept sabotaging my faith and I dug a hole of despair. Our words matter. They make us side with God or side with the enemy. It sounds very black and white and I have seen it happen in my own life. The negative words are filled with darkness and the positive words are filled with light. Side with the Lord’s light and leave the darkness behind.

Choosing our words wisely takes practice but it pays off. We can get there if we put good words into our minds and if we are exposed to positive words as much as possible. Reading the words in red in my Bible has helped me change the patterns of some of my thoughts. I think more like the red letters and I ditch the dark words of the enemy. Jesus’ words are life changing and they are filled with hope. It is that hope that I can transfer into my life when I choose to speak positive words over my life. We have the power to increase positivity when we stick with it despite the world’s negative demands. The world will try to drag us down into the valley of negativity but if we stand strong and refuse to say negative things, God will have a nice platform to operate from. He is a positive God and He desires for us to replicate His positivity and to invite Him into our words. I want my words to reflect love, peace, joy and freedom. I want my words to sound like Jesus’ words and to heal those who are suffering. Words do heal and you and I can be healers if we choose our words wisely. Let’s do our best to stay positive and to speak encouragement and love into the world. There is too much negativity and hatred in the world. We can pierce the darkness by injecting love through our words. Let’s speak up for love. Let’s speak up for the Lord. Let’s choose our words wisely every day!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 12:18; Hebrews 4:12; James 1:26

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