Ask God for direction

God wants us to acknowledge Him in all our ways. He wants to be involved in everything that we do. He wants to be part of our ideas, our decisions, our thoughts, our efforts, our initiatives. He is not a passive God who watches us from afar. He is an active God who loves us actively and passionately. He tells us that we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding but that we should trust Him with all our hearts. Is your heart filled with God? I try to fill mine with God all the time but I see pockets of what I call “other.” Those pockets have things that are not from God. Worry is one of them and I squash it with praise and prayer. Emotions are there as well and they are put in check by my interactions with God. There are feelings attached to some of the thinking that goes on in my head and those feelings are not to be trusted. I can’t lean on my heart unless it is filled with God so I’d rather lean on His heart. His heart is big and welcoming and it is filled with love. His love makes a way. His love shows me the way. I have learned to ask God which way I should go. It is becoming more of a reflex and it is helping a lot. Today I want to encourage you to ask God for direction. Trust Him with everything and rely on Him in everything.

At the start of a new year we often wonder what direction we should take. We make resolutions and we have plans for the year. I have done that so many times. I stopped. I don’t own the year and I can’t predict the future but my Lord can. God knows what is going to happen and which direction I should go. I ask Him for guidance. I ask Him for direction. I ask Him for advice. I have seen Him show up very often and I can rely on Him more now. If I compare where I was a year ago to where I am now, I can tell that I have learned some lessons and one of them is that God is my helper in every single detail of my life. I put it all in His hands. This means that I pray even more than before. Every step I take, I take after I have asked Him to show me the way. He answers. He replies in His own way. My job is to take my cues from Him and follow His lead. 

I suggest that you start focusing on the asking part. Focus on what it means to ask God. Does it mean you are asking something in vain? Does it mean you are asking and hoping that maybe He will answer? Does it mean you are asking your Father and you know He will respond? God is our Lord and Savior and our Father. As the most loving Father there is, He is attentive and He is communicative. I believe it is important to see Him that way. He communicates. He is not silent and He doesn’t ignore us. Believe that you are asking your Father who pays attention to you and who wants to give you your heart’s desires that are in line with His will. When you ask Him for direction, you stand in the middle of His will. His will is that you trust Him and that you don’t lean on your own wisdom. Asking God for direction is expressing the belief that His direction and His wisdom are better than ours. 

Thank God for listening to your request and for always being willing to answer you. Thank Him for His Spirit. Engage with His Spirit. Acknowledge Him and bring Him into your circle of trust. Develop a circle that is just for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In that circle you know you are safe and you know that God is all ears. Say a simple prayer every time you need God’s help with a decision and when you need Him to show you where to go. Always end your prayer with words of faith that speak to how much you trust that the Lord has already answered you. Be patient but be expectant. Keep track of how you hear back from Him. There might be a pattern or a way that He chooses to communicate with you. Ask God for direction in everything you do and you will see that He is generous with His time and guidance. Expect great things!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:5; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 14:16

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