The power of God’s love in us

 One of the things that attracted me to God the most was that God was love. He created love. He personifies love. He is the essence of love. You can’t separate God from love and yet we do that all the time. I have seen it in Christian circles. People speaking in the name of God’s love but really speaking in the name of their definition of love. Their definition of love is influenced by their own judgement and there are filters in place that modify God’s love and change it into a human version of love. God is pure love and that is why I was so interested in Him. Not because I lacked love. I have a very loving family so I did receive plenty of love growing up but it’s when I looked outside of that circle of love that I felt the pain. I felt the pain of the ones who are not loved. I saw their tears and I felt their fears. God is love and what we all need is God, the true God of love. 

It is sad to hear that people have been hurt by the Church. People have been hurt by what they were told about themselves in the name of God. We put too many words in God’s mouth. Words that He would never utter but that sound good to us. “This is what love is all about” we say. “God doesn’t like these kinds of people” we proclaim. We play God way too often and we forget to consult Him. There is a lot of power in God’s love. God’s love can change anyone and anything. If you need an example of its power, think about how He gave His only Son to save the world. Whoever believes in Him can have eternal life. That is the power of God’s love. His love gave and we received the blessing that defeated death. You and I have the love of God in us. You and I have the power of God’s love in us. Let’s hand it to others. Let’s give God’s love a voice, a hand, a body. We are the body of Christ and we need that daily reminder. We are the body of love and we need that daily reminder.

Do you ever think about how much love it took to save your life and the lives of others? That love that hung on the cross is the most powerful love there is and there will ever be. That powerful love is still here today. It looked like it had died but after three days it came back to life and changed the world forever. That love has the power to resurrect all the parts of your life that are dead. It can change you forever and it can bring back hope forever. You are extremely blessed because the Lord is in you. You are extremely blessed because His love is in you. I think knowing that He is in us and with us is not the hardest part. The hardest part is allowing His love to dominate us and to move us. Maintaining the awareness of His love can be challenging. 

Under pressure from the enemy we have a harder time walking in love. Events, circumstances and people defy God’s love in us all the time. The enemy hates God and he hates love. He hates everything and he surely hates it when you and I access this love and share it. He will even try to convince us that love should be received and not given. He promotes selfishness and makes sure that we keep the power of love to ourselves. He does it by pushing us to focus on ourselves and to have as much gain as we can for ourselves. Love gives. God gave His Son. His love in us can only be activated by giving. Who should we give that love to?

Everyone deserves love. According to God, every single person that walks the earth deserves love. God’s love is very powerful because it doesn’t judge and it doesn’t discriminate. God wants everyone to get to know Him. He is love and He should be known for being love. We can pass it along. We can pass God along. We can give the power to change lives to anyone. Think about concrete ways you can share God’s love. A word, a sentence, a text is sometimes all it takes. Love wants to give peace, joy and freedom. Look at the people you know and don’t know and see how God’s powerful love can impact their lives. A few words of encouragement can be a manifestation of God’s love. A helping hand, a prayer, time spent with others, words of advice can all be voices of God’s love.

There are many things that can be expressions of God’s love. Pray today and ask the Lord to show you how you can express Him to the world. He will guide you and direct you. His love in you can touch lives, mend broken hearts, heal tortured souls and strengthen those who have been weakened. Think about God. Think about love. Meditate on His love and He will open doors of opportunity for you to spread His love. The power of God’s love in you is real. Use it to God’s glory. Spread love, spread God!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 10:12; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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