Believing in miracles today

Reading about the miracles of the Lord in the Bible is very inspiring. However, we can hardly imagine that such great things could happen nowadays.  I believe there is a need for a shift in our thinking. God’s miracles are not dead. Our faith in them has not been properly activated. Jesus said He could not perform miracles where people didn’t believe in Him. He visited places where there was no faith. Places that were spiritually barren. Places where no seeds of faith had been sown. Places where Jesus was not welcome and not accepted. Places that had their own beliefs and their own gods. We all have a space where we accept or reject God. We all have faith. It is either in God or in something else. Some of us have spaces of belief that are fertile and rich in God’s presence because we welcome Him. Some of us have spaces of disbelief where God is nowhere to be found. I strive to have a big space dedicated to the Lord. A space where anything can happen because the Lord is welcome and He is present. I am done chasing Him away with doubt and fear. Those two negative agents still come to bother me but I resist them with the truth. I don’t want to let them into my space of belief. I sometimes have to do a lot of rebuking and rejecting. I don’t think I will ever be able to be passive when it comes to my faith. Faith is active and it keeps busy. It is busy believing and knowing. We can stretch our faith to the point where we know that God’s miracles are still alive and that they can happen anytime.

Today I am here to remind you that the God of miracles is still here. Just because you don’t see miracles happen doesn’t mean they are dead. I am inviting you today to revive your space of belief. Get it activated again or ignite it for the first time for miracles. How do you get there? Go back to the basics. Go back to the Word of God. Go to the source. Go to the One who performs those miracles. Get to know Him better. Don’t just get acquainted with Him. Know Him as the Father that He is. Know Him for yourself. Don’t rely on what others are saying. Relying on what He is saying about Himself. Study Him. Meditate on Him. Pray to Him. Talk to Him. Learn about His miracles. Invite Him into your space of belief. Cultivate that space with His words. Feed on His Word and fill that space with His truth. Let His voice of truth be louder than the doubts of the enemy. Miracles are here today and they are waiting for you to believe. Focus on Jesus and not on the miracles. You need Him. He is the originator of miracles. Seek His face and you will find the complexion of His wonderful deeds. Great deeds indeed will take place in the name of Jesus.

When you look at the media and when you consult the general public’s opinion, you can easily see that miracles are not on anyone’s radar. The focus has been on “self.” We have put ourselves so much in the center of everything that God is on the outside. We focus so much on our human nature that we can’t connect with the spiritual nature of God. We are so money driven that we can’t see the point in wanting more of a spiritual life. If we believe in miracles, we believe in the financial aspect first because of how our world functions. God’s miracles can be financial blessings but they are more than that. They are transformations, changes, alterations, incredible events that are all meant to glorify Him. Miracles are blessings to us but they give God the glory before anything else. The world gives itself the glory and that is why there is a spiritual clash that prevents some miracles to take place. There are too many spaces that have the wrong definition of who God is and what His miracles entail. That is happening in some churches as well. Let’s go back to God’s definition of God. Let’s go back to His miracles. Let’s think of Jesus first. Let’s believe that He should always get the glory. Let’s be the revived pioneers of faith in God’s miracles. Healing is a miracle that is not present in many places and it is people like you and me who trust and believe in the Lord that can bring it back. Take a stand for who God is and that includes the God of miracles. Not just for you but for a world who longs for true miracles and who needs them. Believing in miracles today begins with you and me!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 10:21; John 2:11; Acts 3:16

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