Hope in the dark places

What a year we’ve had! Many of us have visited some dark places that we thought we would never see. A lot of what took place this year was a trip to places of despair, isolation, fear, worry and doubt. “Why is this happening?” we have asked ourselves. “Why is it one thing after another?” was a recurring question in our minds this year. Those dark places seem to linger and spill into places where joy used to live. Was the joy gone? Was peace out of reach? The answer to both these questions is a resounding No if you ask the Lord and a defeated Yes if you ask the world. Things were bad. Things have been bad but the Lord’s peace and His joy have still been available. When the dark places are all we see, we are blind to the Lord’s blessings. We can’t even start to think that there is hope. Hope has been there all along. It has shown up as a flashlight in the dark places. I remember when we had a storm this summer and we lost power for several days, I used a flashlight at night. That light came in very handy and it demonstrated that even when everything is dark, God can provide a light. I was still able to see the blessings in my life thanks to the light of the Lord during those dark times. He was still there and I was made aware of it by that simple flashlight which was a great reminder. 

There have been dark places this year where no flashlight could be found. I had to search and seek God’s face. He made Himself available. No matter how bad things were, I saw His face. His love covered me and hope came with it. As long as the Lord is around, there is hope. The Lord is always around so hope is always there. Today I want to encourage you to believe that there is always hope even in the darkest places. God is following you every step of the way. Hope is following you every step of the way. You are not alone. You are not alone with fear and worry. They might be haunting you but the Lord’s hope is with you and in you. Tap into His hope. Let it come out to the surface. Get it out from under the pile of fear and doubt. Claim your right to hope. You are entitled to the light of hope. Just like a flashlight in the middle of a dark summer night, hope will show you the way. Hope will unveil God’s plans for you and you will see that they are always good. Hope is with you, friend. You might be in a dark place now but hope is in the dark with you and it is going to turn on the blessings that have been hidden from you.

The enemy hates it when we stay strong under pressure. He can’t stand it when Christians have hope and when they rejoice when they should be crying. The Lord’s hope can ignite joy in your heart and jumpstart peace in the worst situations. All you have to do is pray. Say a simple prayer. When you pray, declare that you believe that there is hope. Say that it doesn’t matter how bad things look, hope makes everything look better. Hope is in your heart because Jesus is in your heart. Speak hope back into your life. Hope will rise. Hope will bring down the darkness and let the Lord’s light shine. God is going to make a way back to peace, joy and love. This is not the end. There is a tunnel with God’s light in it. Your dark place is not your permanent address. It is a temporary inconvenience and you are coming out of it. Rejoice right now. Play some uplifting Christian music and praise the Lord. Do a dance. Sing about His love. Thank Him. Let your singing be that light of hope that the enemy doesn’t want to see. You are going to make it. Jesus is the way and He has made a way for you to leave that dark place. There is always hope with the Lord and His hope is breaking the chains of darkness. Don’t get discouraged. Stay strong. Hope is here to stay and your problems will go away!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 5:10

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