You are blessed

I think that if we spend a lot of time focusing on what goes wrong in our lives, we can easily miss the blessings of the Lord. God blesses. Knowing Jesus is a huge blessing. Living out our salvation in Jesus is a great blessing. Learning more about Jesus through the Holy Spirit is a fantastic blessing. Being able to pray, praise and worship is an underrated blessing. Waking up every morning and having the Lord on our side is a tremendous blessing. We are highly blessed from all sides but the enemy wants us to see the bad things that are happening in our lives so that we believe that we are not blessed. Sometimes he uses comparison so we can feel like we are less than. He also brings back bad memories or old sins or mistakes and makes us feel unworthy of God’s love and of His blessings. All these things are lies. When Jesus is your Savior, you are blessed. Your situation and your circumstances are not an indication of how blessed you are. Jesus is the indicator and you have Him in your life whether things are going well or not. Jesus is the moderator of your life. He is there to make things right. He is there to tilt the balance in your favor. When you trust Him, He pours blessings into your life and it doesn’t matter how many problems you have. Today I want to remind you that you are blessed. Not because of who you are but because of the One who is in you and with you. God blesses you and when you acknowledge it, you can see it and enjoy it.

I don’t like thinking about everything that I can’t fix in my life. It seems that one negative thought leads to another and before you know it you are overthinking and creating mountains of trouble when there is truly a hill of hope on the other side. It is hard to think about the good things that are taking place when the bad things are that insurmountable mountain. Our faith can move any mountains but overthinking and desperation stall faith and keep us in a state of no progress. We get stuck in our minds and we get stuck in our hearts. We can’t think of anything else and we don’t have the courage and the boldness to believe that there is more. However, there is always more. With Jesus things are always much better than they appear. Living in the realm of what we see doesn’t do Jesus any justice. Taking a leap of faith and jumping into the realm of what we don’t see but believe, highlights the glory of the Lord. His blessings are forever present and sometimes we have to step into the faith realm to see them. Other times we have to take a step back and look around. It’s during those moments of observation and contemplation that we are made aware of how blessed we are. Like I said earlier, we are highly blessed for having Jesus in our lives. He is the start of all blessings. He is the originator of all good things. He is the distributor of amazing things. When He died and rose again, He handed eternal life to whoever believes in Him. You believe. He is your Savior. Let Him hand hope to you again. Let Him show you how blessed you are and how you are going to make it.

God’s blessings are pearls of Heaven that we can wear around our necks with confidence. God promised that He would bless us. Remind Him of what He said. He hasn’t forgotten but He loves seeing that you know what He said He would do and He hears you. He loves seeing your faith in action so speak up and tell Him you believe you are blessed. Tell Him that on your worst days you are still blessed. Tell Him how grateful you are to have the Holy Spirit. Make a list of all your current blessings that have to do with Him directly. From the privilege you have to be able to pray to the revelations you receive from His Word and from His Spirit. Read that list over and over again. Don’t keep it far from your eyes. Count those blessings. Remind your mind and your heart that you are already blessed. Don’t wait until tomorrow to rejoice over the blessings. They are here today. Thank God you are blessed. Thank God you are highly favored. God’s blessings and His favor are going to get you through this. Praise the Lord it is raining blessings in your life today. Your gratitude will bring a multitude. A multitude of blessings is on its way. Focus on the good things of the Lord in your life. You are blessed! Don’t forget it!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 28:13;  Ephesians 1:3-4; 2 Peter 1:3

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