God, I am listening

For the past few mornings I have been telling the Lord “God, I am listening” first thing when I wake up. I go into meditative prayer. I set the tone and I set my goal for the day. The tone is the tone of an open heart and the goal is to listen, to be receptive and to be open. I have noticed that when I tell my mind that it should listen to God, it gets its attention. I am not going to listen to the world first. I used to watch the news early in the morning before work and I would go to work with anxiety and negativity in my head and stress all over my body. I don’t do that anymore. I do what I can to ban negative thoughts and to let the Word of God be stronger in me than the negative words of the enemy. I open myself up to the voice of the Lord for those early moments and for the rest of the day.

 The idea here is to set myself up for what God has to say. I prepare myself for His voice knowing that it comes in many different versions and His messages can be anywhere. I just have to listen and pay attention. I basically condition my spirit when I wake up. I declare that I am ready to hear and I spend time in prayer. Prayer is the perfect conditioner when your spiritual hair is all messed up and you need your thoughts to be straightened out. Today I want to encourage you to tell the Lord that you are going to listen to Him all day. Say it your own way as long as you say it. Open yourself up to what the Lord has to tell you and to what He wants to show you.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” is a verse that I hold close to my heart. I think that the closer you keep it, the more it does for you. You can look at it and meditate on it and see the importance of trusting the Lord over yourself. He knows more. He knows better. When you open yourself up to Him and let Him talk, you are demonstrating that you are trusting Him. Trust that He wants to talk to you. Trust that He always has your best interest at heart. Trust that He is the Lord almighty whose knowledge can’t be contained by the whole planet. God is way ahead of us when it comes to wisdom and yet He wants to impart it and bless us with guidance and direction. He asks that we reject our own understanding and reasoning and we embrace His wisdom and His counseling. 

When I tell the Lord that I am listening, I am also telling Him that I am going to be quiet. I am telling Him that my own voice doesn’t matter right now but His voice is what counts. It triggers something in me. It makes my spirit be more available. I am the listener and He is the talker. It’s easy to start the day by talking to God. It is a great practice and there is nothing wrong with it but I also think that we should listen more than we talk. We can talk and then listen or listen and then talk but the listening has to be greater. Now, I don’t end the listening the moment I start my day and I go to work. “God, I’m listening” is for the whole day like I said before. I remind myself that I promised I would listen and I tell Him a few times a day that I am listening. It is amazing how vocal and talkative He is. His sweet voice echoes everywhere.

God’s voice comes through different venues. His Word is a great place to find His voice. His voice is in the messages He drops in our mailbox also known as our spirit. He inspires us. He opens the eyes of our spirits. He speaks our language and comes down to our levels so we can understand His voice. Sometimes what He says is harder to decipher but a willing heart is all He asks for and He will uncover mysteries to those who are willing to listen. Ask God to open your ears. Ask Him to guide you through the process. His Spirit will train you and give you pointers that will help you listen. What He says doesn’t contradict His Word. Use His Word as a gauge. You will start to see the messages that are written all over the world for you, all around you. 

God can speak through an event, through an experience, through a song, through a thought, through a word, through an impression, through a person. He is not limited. You just never know where His voice is going to come from but trust that it will come. Prayer time is another great place to hear the voice of God. I get interrupted by God when I pray. He is not violent when He does it and He doesn’t barge in. He just makes me pause and then I listen and the messages that come across are breathtaking. Some of those messages are the messages I write daily. Sometimes it is just a title and sometimes it is like dictation and I have to grab my phone and start typing. God will speak, friend. Tell Him you are listening all day and see how chatty He is!

Suggested reading: Psalm 25:4-5; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 8:47

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